2014 NAHBS: Peacock Groove’s Minneapolis Moline Cargo Bike

After I got done shooting these photos of Erik Noren and his Peacock Groove Minneapolis Moline Cargo Bike, I realized that he’s the only builder I ever do portraits with at NAHBS. There’s just something about his playful execution and less-than-serious themes.

That’s not to say his craftsmanship isn’t serious. The dude is an artist. Each year he makes two-wheeled artwork that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

I’m not from the Midwest but when he told me this was a Minneapolis Moline tractor homage, even I had heard of that company. This bike is rolling a 29+ rear, 20″ front, has two generator lamps, custom racks, a “hand shifting” front 2x Wolf Tooth setup and best of all: chains.

I can’t get over how thoughtful Erik’s work is. Peacock Groovy, baby. See more in the Gallery!

  • Nolen Brown

    I imagine this being used to pull cx bikes out of the mud and the front being used as a rack of shame for the rider to be transported on.

  • The B73 is the best saddle I’ve ever had. Switching over to a modern seat clamp really helps too as Erik clearly shows! Did he pick up the Breezer adapter online or machine one himself?

    • Erik Noren

      Tucker, I just bought the adapter.. I was lazy.AND PRESSED FOR TIME!!

  • recurrecur

    that’s just wild – love the double headlights

  • Joe Roggenbuck

    Tractor/Wheelie bike.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    Love the industrial look and paintjob!

    • Devin Jones

      Ya I was thinking forklift when I saw it! Pretty burly!

  • Sebastian

    That is the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen.

  • Doug Robertson

    There’s a chunk of metal missing from the seat tube?? Did the 29+ wheel and tire not fit when he was all done building the frame? Did he do a hack job to make it fit?

    • Erik Noren

      No doug, I didn’t do a hack job. There is metal in there, it may just be hard to see. I did it like that cause I can, and it now looks the way I want it to.

      • Doug Robertson

        My apologies sir.

        • You see Doug, ring tactful goes a long way in this world. Or you can be a dick and in the end, you look like a dick.
          Every word said about someone or their work is seen… By thousands of people.
          Think before you type.

          • Guest

            i dont know, man. i dont think he was being a dick. might have been an honest question.

          • Calling a builder’s work a “hack job” with excessive “???” is definitely in the territory of “dickness”.

          • Erik Noren

            I’m a back at being a dick. But really, I did this bike the way I wanted too. So, like there, n stuff.

          • Trevor H

            “Be nice until its time to not be nice” was repeated a few times to me this past weekend. I want a picture of it pulling bikes outta the snow in Minneapolis!

    • You’re a dickhead.

  • marty larson

    I’m happy to call Eric a friend. He is the most badass maker on the market. Case in point? He even makes his own headsets.

  • Doug Robertson

    My apologies sir.

  • Harry

    That 2x Idea is genius!

  • Raving Elk

    Why so many spacer… :[[

  • Evan

    That is really really neat.
    The rear rack is a peice of art.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I’ll be honest – I didn’t give this bike the attention it deserved because I was swooning at Erik’s “Highlander” 650b build. But this too is unreal. Unapologetically insane and unique!

    • He is so stoked – Highlander won President’s Choice! Erik is one of the most upstanding individuals in framebuilding…

  • Adam Miller

    This thing looks like it could haul 750 lbs. (or more … the tires would probably be the limiting factor). Amazing. I love it.

  • I don’t even know what I’d use a beast like that for, but goddammit I want one!

  • Mari Mari

    I’m in love with this bike, but is there a crack where the downtube meets the headtube?

  • Sarah Dixon

    Are the headlights mounted upside down?

  • Erik may hands down be the coolest dude I met that weekend. That highlander bike was the real deal, luckily there was only one.