2014 NAHBS: Alchemy Cross

Alchemy has been through a lot over the past few years. Originally from Austin, the shop moved to Denver in 2013, prior to NAHBS. While they’ve gone through a few hiccups in the process, the shop is cranking out some incredibly nice steeds.

Cody’s cross bike is a prime example. There ain’t no ISP on that baby, the topper is welded onto the seat mast. The internal cable routing is clean, CX1 with custom painted Rotor cranks, and damn that paint job. This is one of my favorite bikes in the show and it doesn’t hurt that the owner is a damn great guy.

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  • Sebastian

    So clean.

  • Dylan Buffington

    This is how it should be done. I am a huge advocate for the locked in ISP. Not only do they look so good, but there is zero pussy footing.

    • Richard Smith

      Sucks when you get some new shoes with a different sole thickness, or a new saddle or pedals with a different stack height though. Pretty, not practical

      • Cody rides his saddle like 5mm – 1cm lower on his cross bikes like I do. Don’t worry.

      • Sean Curran

        I’m with you, but with all the snark on this thing on the instagram image, couldn’t it have been designed to be cut at a later time for either a seat post or one of the ISP clamps? Still impractical, but for a show bike? not really.

        This bike is incredible, nice shots.

        • Cody Baker

          There is full internal titanium cable routing from just behind the headtube through the top tube as well as the ISP and down the inside of the seat stays. The routing prevents the use of a seat post hence the ISP. It could be cut to use a toper if I ever decide to sell it. All the snark on instagram just makes for some good laughs

          • … and Richard Smith is always “that guy”, so don’t mind him.

          • Sean Curran

            I would like to add, for me, this might be one of the best looking cross bikes I have ever seen.

          • I agree. People are so boring with their practicalities… ;-)

  • Noel

    What kind of brakes are those, some kind of hydro/cable hybrid?

  • David

    That’s just about perfect. Wow.

  • pgoretraill

    Does everyone at NAHBS do Chris King/ENVE builds. I know that they are some of if not the best in the business, but I would love to see something else, maybe that is why I like the Track bikes. There is not just one Track bike build that everyone does.

    • Well, King and ENVE are a USA made wheelset. I like Industry 9 as well – but it’s hard to pass up on King and Enve’s NAHBS pricing as a builder…

      • pgoretraill

        I figured it was something like this, it does get quite repetitive though, and don’t get me wrong it is amazing stuff, but I like to see how different cockpits look on bikes to keep things interesting.

    • Richard Smith

      Those are DT Swiss 240s hubs!

      • I took that comment as more of a matter of fact re: NAHBS, not directed at this bike specifically.

  • Jamie McKeon

    having your own bartape is so baller

  • shankshiv


    Compatible with any/all cable pull levers.

    Master cylinder combined with caliper keeps it simple.

    Serious braking!

  • Keith Adams

    Damn, son! That is clean.

  • adanpinto

    Without disc brakes it would be perfect for me

  • Richard Smith

    Oh god this bike is so beautiful. Hadn’t seen those TRP brakes before – really diggin the concept!

  • carl bradtmiller

    sharp bike. i would love to see a picture of it boxed up and ready to travel. will my airline charge a special seatmast fee?

    NAHBS = time to put on cable tips. thats just a wasted opportunity for color matching. also, i cringed a little when i saw the rear derailleur loop, but that’ll get figured out when the bike actually gets used. by then the housing will have rubbed off the paint around the headtube and no one will care anymore except for the dude who’s bike it is. does it have an identical pit bike twin somewhere? this IS a race bike right?