2014 NAHBS: 44 Bikes Big Boy Fatbike

The thing I appreciate about Kristofer Henry’s work at 44 Bikes is that each model represents a different New Hampshire season and it just so happens that the New England winter is unforgiving (especially this year), which is why most of his bikes have big tires. Winter thrashes the roads, the tracks and trails, so over time, he’s designed his bikes to accommodate those conditions.

At the 2014 NAHBS, Kristofer brought his own personal bikes to display. Why? Because they’re all purpose-built and besides, he doesn’t want to make his clients wait any longer for a frame. If the bike was done pre-NAHBS, he sent it out.

This Big Boy Fatbike was an obvious first choice for photos from the brand but it won’t be the last. I really can’t wait to shoot his disc road and his rigid 29r. Using the 5″ platform and a 1 x 10 drivetrain, this thing will motor through snow with ease and the carbon components shed some weight off the total build, which comes in around 27 lbs.

See more in the Gallery!

  • Tyler Shannon

    Really cool to see how far this brand has come. I remember reading blog posts about him building his shop/shed years ago, and now he is at NAHBS with some gorgeous bikes.

  • PwetStar

    My next ride will either be a Kid Dangerous or a Huntsman for sure!

  • mattprovidence

    Kris just built a flat-bar ss huntsman/commuter for me (pics are up on his blog) and it far exceeds my expectations. Killer builder and terrific communication–half the battle with any custom build. Feel very lucky–and smart–to have picked up a bike from him!

  • Looks like Kris had the Big Boy repainted for the show. Seen in come along and love that orange. I have a Big Boy and a Kid Dangerous myself. Of all the bikes I’ve owned, those two are by far the sweetest rides.

  • Jack Luke

    If I were in the market for a custom build, Kris would be my absolute first choice. He’s so on it, open with his build process and that rigid 29er. Jeezo.

  • Noel

    Holy shit that’s a hot build! 27 pounds?!?

  • Adam Miller

    Love the motto (pic #7).

  • erratic_hobbyist

    27lbs!?! Hot damn! My ss29er is 26lbs.. I’m doing it wrong

  • charlesojones

    What’s with the zip-ties on the cable guides nowadays? My Salsa Fargo has the same and it’s cheesy IMO. Is it just a way to cut costs or is there a practical reason for it?? Not trying to compare a Fargo to a custom build but the visual impact of the zip ties is the same for either.

    • mp

      Zip-ties and cable guides for full housing is preferable to the old style primarily due to hydraulic brakes – you don’t want to break the lines just to add/remove the brake. Most brakes come arrive pre-bled from the factory. For wire cables in full housing, the thread through way is a bit cleaner.