Super Bro Weekend Dirt Century

Super Bowl Weekend. It’s an excuse for people to drink, eat and yell at the television while a bunch of men in spandex chase a ball around a field. Personally, it’s not my thing and luckily, not my friends’ thing either. So rather than spend the weekend indoors, myself, some friends and Beat the Clock Cycling decided to take advantage of the vacant Texas parks and plan a ride.

Well, I planned the ride. 100 miles, over half of it was dirt. I did one of the roads on the last Yonder Journal Brovet and I wanted to explore the area even more. We’d leave from Inks Lake and take a series of back-country, private roads and kick in Willow City’s popular loop before heading back to camp. Water? Food? None. We had to pack it all in. Most rode cross bikes or light tourers, with bags for food. There was maybe one stop along the way.

Because I had to drop Lauren off at the airport that Friday morning, I drove with two others. The rest either drove out that night after work or rode the 75 miles from Austin, fully loaded.

Since we wanted to convey only the chillest of riding paces and as a protest to the Super Bowl, most of us left the lycra at home. Giro was kind enough to supply some New Road apparel, shoes and helmets. I brought the bourbon. Spencer brought a dull hatchet and we were all stoked.

Did I mention cliff jumps in January? Yeah… Check out more photos in the Gallery, all shot with my Mamiya 7ii and Portra 400 / Kodak TMAX 400. Many thanks to Giro for supplying equipment for this ride!

  • Aaron Beasley

    That america y’all patch is awesome!

    • Thanks! And much thanks to you John for snapping such an awesome picture of it!

  • PNT

    Rides like that is what we like to watch!

  • James Acklin

    15 #correct

    • Brett Rothmeyer

      James has spoken! seriously though this is great stuff.

  • Lovely roll. The type of rides i enjoy the most. How’s the New Road Shorts by the way?

    • I dig them a lot. I wear them on my MTB mostly

  • Julio Saenz

    That last shot is incredible.


    Inspiring @johnprolly:disqus Looking forward to moving out of Brooklyn and shredding the mountain roads of Oregon.

  • Joshua Romero-Perry

    mixup on the caption for #42 just thought id point it out.

  • Pjotr

    What size is Luke’s Space Horse? 58cm?!

  • JLN

    Any more photos of that Panasonic?

  • Goog Smells

    Nice roll! I wish I wasn’t in NYC.

    Any idea what mount Chris is using for his light in pic #56? It looks much better than the awful setup I’m using.

  • Jake Kruse

    nice lugged steel in the mix, the S&S riv is especially sweet!

  • Spencer Brown

    A dull hatchet and a lot a beer, remember?

  • chinny

    Rad, just rad!

  • Jack Luke

    “That moment where you think TMAX is Portra…”

    I feel your pain, photo-bro.

  • Richard Smith

    Epic wanderlust

  • Alex Forbes

    Awesome set!

  • EdoRa

    Would’ve have never believed it’s Texas – looks exactly like the the north of israel. Great photos, anyway

  • Riley Ross

    Taco Junkie. Fantastic as always.

  • Trip Lee

    this photoset has me so stoked! i’ve jumped off those same cliffs where y’all did! i cant imagine doing it in January though, i bet Inks was way cold. makes me miss my summer stomping grounds on Inks Lake

  • Justin Kee

    Anyone know the front handlebar pack the guy on the white BMC is using?

    • It’s hella shitty. Haha – use the Ortlieb or Arkel if you’re looking for one.

      • Justin Kee

        Thanks. I need to talk to you guys next year during cross season and get in on one of these rides.

  • Jake Ricker

    Love it!

  • Christian Rühlmann

    hey john. do you have any details on the front rack seen in #10? (as in more pictures, who is making them, price etc)

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    #73 & 74, damn.

  • Ugaitz Etxebarria

    This is ace, I really love your website, and these photos are some of the best i’ve seen here. I love how each of you is riding a totally different kind of bike. I was doubting wether to install some paul racers on my cinelli gazzetta della strada, but after seeing that Rambouillet, i’ve totally made up my mind.

  • jesse

    davids pretty whatever ya know

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