Diurnal Ride Up Mt Lowe on Cross Bikes

Granted, the last time I did this ride in Los Angeles, it was during sunset. The views were spectacular but I certainly missed a lot riding in the dark. What was originally going to be a scouting ride for the Mudfoot Dirty Hundo, became a slow and steady march to the top of Mt. Lowe.

We rode from Silverlake for 15 miles or so, then hit Cheney trail, the beginning of Mt. Lowe. It was hot, steep and after close to 10 miles, we had climbed 4,000′. Henry was on a road bike with 28c tires, the rest of us, on cross bikes. I don’t think any of us were really feeling all that well that day.

Good thing the views made up for it and the Cokes at Red Box. We totaled 54 miles and 5,400′ of climbing.

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4 / Portra 400

  • barry mcwilliams

    Amazing. I’m treating myself to a cross bike for my birthday this fall. This may have to be my break-it-in ride. Wonderful set.

    Also, maybe a name typo on the last caption? Henry vs. Harry?

  • Wade Stevens

    sure looks like LA sucks for riding. :-)
    I see you kept the site SFW and kept the plant-love for IG …
    Looks like a hell of a challenging ride.

  • Alex Steinker

    Did you shoot this with the 7? Props to lugging that camera on that ride if you did. Looks fantastic.

    • T4 – I’m kinda not feeling the M7 – If I’m going to take a camera camera with me on a ride, it’ll be the Mamiya 7ii

      • Alex Steinker

        Should have specified. I was speaking about the Mamiya 7ii. I’ve seen you post about it before. Wonderful camera. That T4 definitely does the job though!

        • Yeah, the Mamiya 7ii shoots 120/220 medium format film, not 35mm

          • Alex Steinker

            Yup. Will you be at NAHBS? Would love to meet. Will be bringing my c220. Waist level + TLR is slow but sure does make a fantastic image.

  • Ian Stone

    Did you use flash on #7?

    • Richard Dreyer

      Great diptych #7. Loving all the bright blues.

  • No. 22. That is the jam.