Chris’ Serotta Pronto Ti Road

It’s a shame when a name like Serotta shuts their doors after years of building steel, titanium and carbon frames in the USA. When the brand collapsed, The Pros Closet on eBay liquidated a ton of frames, which is where Chris scored this Pronto Ti frameset for a killer deal. It took him a little bit to gather all the parts. At the time, Deda Superleggera parts weren’t easy to find, SRAM was in the transition from 10 to 11 speed and he was thrashing the wheels on his cross bike. Once cross season ended, it was time to dial in his road bike.

Chris already has an insane Icarus, but he wanted something new. A new mistress if you will. Being a mechanic at Mellow Johnny’s, he was rather tedious with this build, dialing it into perfection…

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  • SWJH

    Gorgeous bike, but good god his Icarus!!

  • Keith Gibson

    nice build

  • ZianStudios

    this guys has quite a collection of bikes

  • Scott Hock

    The guys that designed and fabricated that frame are still around…just sayin’…
    Nice build on this one…ride the shit out of it!

    • Oh yeah, I know. Still, when Serotta shut their doors, it wasn’t the best thing to happen to American fabrication…

  • Jake Ricker

    Between you, him, Wilis, and Ross you guys have some of my favorite bikes in the game.

  • andy kappler

    Any chance you have more info on those tires?

    • They’re Vittoria – don’t remember the model

    • btdubs

      Open Corsa SC

  • Luca Dülfer

    Great build !
    What size is the frame ?

  • kermitonwheels


  • gabregni

    The people that developed and developed that structure are still around…just sayin’…3

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