Chris King Celebrates 1,000,000 Bearing Races Jan 18, 2014


Yeah, bearing races. They might seem insignificant to you, but Chris King is the only manufacturer of headsets that makes their own bearings and races in house. Truth*. This past week, they celebrated their 1,000,000th bearing race. Head over to the Chris King blog for more!

*if it’s not true, I’d like to see details!

  • Patrick Murphy

    Aw man, that’s epic! I hope they frame it or something. Or slip a secret note into the headset box it goes in – that would be quite the surprise for a customer.

  • schue113

    I admire the man that runs that machine. I would proudly work with him and learn his trade. We all, as citizens, should feel some sense of pride when a peer achieves as much.

  • Justin

    The one bearing race to rule them all!