Spencer’s All City Nature Boy

Things are finally starting to pick back up over here at PiNP. This weekend was the TXCX State Champs and in between shooting the races, I took a few quick photos of Spencer’s bitchin’ purple All City Nature Boy. People say I take a lot of photos of these bikes and it’s true. Why? Because they’re very common and yet, everyone adds their own sense of style to their builds.

Spencer’s has some limited edition PAUL purple touring cantis, a gold Chris King, Mash bar tape and even a Flag Hatchet sticker. I wanted to get some action shots of Spencer thrashing this thing in the 3’s, but missed out! Which explains the short-ish Gallery. At any rate, it’s a clean build (literally – no mud this weekend). See more in the Gallery!

  • Jamie McKeon

    purplest post in a while

  • Jacob Felton

    Hate to be that dude but what pedals are those?

    • AttackCowboy

      They look to be Crank Brothers Candy Pedals but they’re in a color I haven’t seen before.

  • Richard Pool

    Yeah they are the limited edition candy pedals from the interbike 2013.

  • AttackCowboy

    Great photos and thanks to Spencer for the sweet build. I just got ahold of a Nature Boy Zona frame and this give me great inspiration as I collect parts to build it up.

  • Gabriel Lyman

    this is just exceptional. lovin it

  • Keith Gibson

    nice ride

  • Josh Long

    why are the headset cups in upside down? is this a thing?