Speedvagen: 2012 Surprise Me Cross Paint Dec 11, 2013


You know me, I have a softspot for purple and for Speedvagens. Vanilla just posted up these photos from their 2012 Surprise Me cross bike paint scheme and it’s amazing. Head over to their Flickr for more!



  • btdubs

    Custom painted Pauls, whaaaat!

  • Andy Brown


  • Ham Sandwich

    i mean if yer gonna go through the trouble of painting the pauls you might as well pop the extra $40 for some moon units and paint them shits too! so because of this oversight, this bike is a poop sammich and i’d rather ride a wal-mart fat bike.

    • davidbram

      I was going to write the same thing. Buy the damn moon units

    • Noel Smith

      Tell me about it.. and what’s with the non-custom-painted cable ends?!?

      • Ham Sandwich


    • Bruno Moreno

      Wouldn’t the paint rub off the painted moon units? I feel they would get ugly fast because of the cable rubbing or chipping off the paint.

  • schue113

    Why is there a Shimano Ultegra 6700 cassette on the bike? Please enlighten.