Mash: Polished Histogram in Stock Nov 17, 2013


The Cinelli Mash Histogram has been immensely popular over the years but it wasn’t until this year’s model that I’ve personally been stoked on it. Polished aluminum with a graphic overlay always looks amazing. These framesets are now in stock at MASH, so if you’re in need of a new track frame, go check them out!


    Was this frame built in Italy or was it outsourced?

  • Liando

    For some reason their shop site never works for me

  • mat Terwilliger

    Pretty sure it’s not… know!! C h I N a E L L I…..consider LOW if you want a aluminum pursuit track frame..USA made as well…. from SF.

    • Stefan Sarmiento

      1,200 dollars for just the frame (no headset/fork) and a 7-9 month wait? hmmm.

      • mat Terwilliger

        whats your point?..hmmmm? no shitty china carbon fork w/ aluminum steerer? whatevs headset? sure most dudes spend 1200 on beer and weed in 7-9 months easily…how u gonna knock a USA made frame with a small wait time..

        • Stefan Sarmiento

          you realize that LOW bikes come with “shitty china carbon fork w/ aluminum steerer? whatevs headset?”

          my point is that’s a lot of money and time to wait for a frame.

          • mat Terwilliger

            alot of money and time?….my father once told me “opinions are like assholes.. everyone has one and they are usually full of shit”..if your “point” is how you feel. then dont buy one…there are some cheap leaders on sale in the banner ad on will have plenty of money and time left over…but a made to order,usa made frame is worth support and time my shit filled opinion.

          • Stefan Sarmiento

            yeah, you have your opinions as well.

            1,200 dollars for an “Easton and Proprietary 7005” frame that’s not even custom is ridiculous… even if it’s made in the USA. i’d love to see why this bike is any better than, let’s say, a Trek T1 or Giant Omnium other than the MADE IN USA.

            still not even replying about how everything else on the bike is made in taiwan. i’m sure you’ll have a great time supporting made in USA frame while the rest of the bike is Made in Taiwan.

            i’m sure the quality is there but this is fashion. this is a street bike that people in SF ride around doing whip skids on.

            1,200 dollars for a frame or 600 dollars for a Specialized Langster Pro frameset…which is probably just as good as the LOW but doesn’t have that “MADE IN USA” sticker every hipster is dreaming about.

            can’t even take this seriously when…it’…you’re…typing…like…a…japanese…RPG…and…can’t…spell…

          • mat Terwilliger

            wow.stefan,you are a schmuck.”im sure the quality is there but this is fashion”…WTF do u think the MASH is?…”the rest of the bike is made in taiwan”…what bike?.maybe thats how you would build up a frame..cant take anything you say seriously because of typing?..YOUR A KOOK.get a langster or a trek.

          • Harry Reems

            Low frames are nice. Not everybody wants one. Get over it.

          • mat Terwilliger

            Hey one asked you.This all is because I suggested people who are considering paying a Grand for a Chinese made frame and fork for a aluminum pursuit frame might want to CONSIDER a LOW.Now head over to hype beast and check out some lifestyle gear,I bet you got that shit bookmarked.

          • Harry Reems


          • Guest

            yo mat nigga dont ride hard. they dont know how to ride or anything. they just like bikess cuz the “fashion” nd not cuz how its made, wats it made from, nd how good the quality is. i know ppl that daily a low frame and they have no problems. ppl that r not seriuos bout the game will complain bout alil more expensive parts. but they thats them. we can only tell them wats good nd wats not. the cinelli is dope but the low is way sicker. they make it to ur size or how u want nd u can get a custom paint job to them….. NIGGAS AINT BOUT THIS BIKE LIFE

          • mat Terwilliger

            My favorite sentence “but they that’s them”.


    You wow seem genuinely stoked boy !

  • Jamie McKeon

    omG the comments

  • Blasius

    I am not really stoked by this design. the previous ones were great but this one….