Minor’s Signal Cross

I remember seeing this frame listed on the Signal Cycles blog as being for sale. It was a tad too big for me and besides, I didn’t need a new cross bike. Someone out there did and eventually, the frame made its way to Austin, Texas, where it was built up by Minor Baker, a local racer. When I saw it at the Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter, I thought it looked familiar and sure enough, it was Shannon Skerritt’s old pit bike! I’m stoked to see another piece of rad steel at home in Austin. Check out more in the Gallery!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This bike is so sick! This thing is beautiful. Great build too

  • John

    That’s a rad bike

  • Andrew Suzuki

    What are those tires? Can’t find anything on “FM3 33″…

  • Chris McKendry

    Awesome bike. Love it.

  • Matt Williams

    I bought the other one. It is very nice, rides like a demon and gets a lot of attention which is good and bad. Good cuz it’s fun to geek out with other bike lovers. Bad when I’m coughing up a lung on the course trying to match the winning pedigree Mr. Skerritt and Matt and Nate infused this bike with. On the plus side getting heckled constantly means they’re paying attention to me!

    • Greg Ralich

      Do you ride it in New England? Coulda sworn I saw one at Gloucester.

      • Matt Williams

        That was me in Gloucester yes. Covered in dust and pedaling like my life, kinda, sorta, depended on it.

  • Lilian

    hi, anyone knows what is the stuff on the brakes, i think it makes braking more powerfull, but i don’t know what it is and where to find this thing.
    ( sorry for my poor english, i’m french…)

    • Trevor H

      It is a Problem Solvers Travel Agent, designed to allow a short pull lever to give the braking power and cable pull necessary for a longer pull brake like those v-brakes.


      • Lilian

        thanks a lot for your quick answer

      • Justin Petro

        Not quite sure why he’s running those though. He’s got 8.4’s on there (as opposed to 9.0). TRP makes the 9.0 specifically for Shimano throw levers, and the 8.4 for Sram/Campy. He should have more than enough pull through on those with Shimano levers. Save some grams, bro. ;)