The Gravel Worlds Aug 24, 2013


Photo by Brian Vernor

Living in the Great Plains of the US means you spend a lot of time riding gravel roads and it just so happens, people take that very seriously these days. Today was the Gravel Road World Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska and Brian Vernor has some great photos up on his Flickr from last year’s event. I’d love to make it out and “compete” one year.

Check out Brian Vernor’s full Flickr set here.

EDIT: Congrats to Austin Horse for winning the Gravel Worlds!

  • Brandon Knickerbocker

    This years race was brutal but fun in a very weird way!

  • GeekGurhl Binks

    You know whats messed up is I live in Lincoln and I just could not get the day off to go and ride this :(, It was half tempting to just quit the job and say Frack it I am riding Gravel today LOL