Speedvagen: Black on Black Integrated Stems in Stock


Speedvagen: Black on Black Integrated Stems in Stock


When Speedvagen first announced the Integrated stems earlier this year, people were split like a cable yoke. Some liked it, some hated it but I loved mine. I loved it so much that I paid Speedvagen to paint me a one-off (at the time) black on black Integrated stem for my Geekhouse.

Turns out, black on black looks great and so now, Speedvagen is offering this murderously-sleek stem in their web shop for $350.

Now, considering ENVE sells these stems for $280, I think that’s a fair price for internal cable routing and a sick in-house Vanilla paint job.

Need a review of the stem? Check out more below.


Here are my thoughts: they rule. You eliminate the need for a hanger, the cable pulls smooth, especially if you add a piece of teflon tube around the cable once it’s inside the housing. I run my yoke high, for the right amount of modulation. It’s not rocket science, they’re just cantis!

Look, I have put so many miles on various terrain with this bike. It’s climbed mountains, descended mountains, ridden wet, rocky, slippery singletrack, bombed frontage roads, conquered Australia and not once have I gotten brake chatter or uncomfortable braking. That said, you have to know how to set up cantis properly. So, if you don’t, take your bike to a mechanic who does.

Also, before you comment, I am well aware I have spacers and an uncut steerer… xo