Speedvagen: Black on Black Integrated Stems in Stock Aug 12, 2013


When Speedvagen first announced the Integrated stems earlier this year, people were split like a cable yoke. Some liked it, some hated it but I loved mine. I loved it so much that I paid Speedvagen to paint me a one-off (at the time) black on black Integrated stem for my Geekhouse.

Turns out, black on black looks great and so now, Speedvagen is offering this murderously-sleek stem in their web shop for $350.

Now, considering ENVE sells these stems for $280, I think that’s a fair price for internal cable routing and a sick in-house Vanilla paint job.

Need a review of the stem? Check out more below.


Here are my thoughts: they rule. You eliminate the need for a hanger, the cable pulls smooth, especially if you add a piece of teflon tube around the cable once it’s inside the housing. I run my yoke high, for the right amount of modulation. It’s not rocket science, they’re just cantis!

Look, I have put so many miles on various terrain with this bike. It’s climbed mountains, descended mountains, ridden wet, rocky, slippery singletrack, bombed frontage roads, conquered Australia and not once have I gotten brake chatter or uncomfortable braking. That said, you have to know how to set up cantis properly. So, if you don’t, take your bike to a mechanic who does.

Also, before you comment, I am well aware I have spacers and an uncut steerer… xo

  • Noel Smith

    $350 for a stem? A bargain, I’ll take 3!

    • Didn’t see that comment coming. You’re too clever!

      • Jamie McKeon

        lol someone downvoted this comment^

    • Ryan Kennedy

      A bike part???? …That’s not $20???? *faint*

  • Cooper Mittelhauser

    Don’t ever slam dat stem, John.

  • btdubs

    Yolk? Yoke. Cable yoke. :)

    Totally would not mind putting it on a stars & stripes Zona Nature Boy with full-on ENVE kit. Holy ballsacks would that be sexy. It would also cost more than my car.

    • hans

      i’m proud to tell people that my bike was twice what my car costs. :)

      • I just don’t own a car ;-)

        • hans

          well it does sport a prolly sticker on the back so you might half way approve. but up until last year my bike was my car. the proof is in the negative Tracko still needs to scan for me of my son riding the top tube of my serotta wearing a dinosaur costume on the way to a preschool halloween party. post a full shot of the mudville duHde!

  • Jake Ricker

    This is not sarcastic…
    Didn’t you already get that red, white, and blue one a while back or am I thinking of something else?
    If so why did you get another for the same bike?

    • I was going to just spray paint that one, but decided to keep it since it was “commemorative” and got a new one instead.

  • Western Rapid

    How about a coupla nice shots of that Geekhouse CX with the purple CK ano? We haven’t seen it in its full glory yet…

  • Ryan Kennedy

    uncut steerer for life!

  • hans

    this too is not sarcastic, but why do you have a spacer and not cut the steerer? and plus one on a full set of shots of the new set up with the purple. such a fan of this bike….

    • It’s a $600 fork. If I cut it, I’ll be limiting myself to only this stem. If I put, say a Thomson on the bike, I’d need to have a cable hanger on it as well. There wouldn’t be enough steerer for that.

      • grayson

        Thats why spacers exist. There are much worse things you can leave on a bike. Like alloy nipples.

  • Tom

    Clean solution, but the Enve stem is completely hideous. I wish they could make it look less bulky because it never looks good with an integrated headset, especially if you need to use spacers.

  • Auaebothiabathabaithobeuee

    Doesn’t the cable grind/wear out the hole?