There’s a New Shop in Town Jun 6, 2013


… and they mean business for the Red Hook Crit Navy Yard. Three guys from Division 1, a new bike shop on the East Side of Austin will be there racing. More on their bikes tomorrow!

  • Jack Robson

    I’m sorry, that is disgusting

  • Kyle Kelley

    So bad!

    • They’ll be racing in Pee Wee Herman skinsuits so I think it’ll be pretty funny!

  • Holy Moly

  • Jesseppi

    kill it with fire

  • Amanda Hagy

    I think your slipping. That is BAD.

    • lol

    • Adam Carter

      in all honesty, i think you’re slipping.

  • Adam Carter

    it’s really hard to find complete builds of the giro pink vigorelli, but it’s nice to see something different done here.


  • Prince Racster

    you people are crazy that shit is a masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!!

  • thats hideous

  • Praphol Krajitboribun


  • test tube ( ‘| )

    disgusting. i nearly threw up my lunch.

  • James Bolton

    How dare they build a bicycle for themselves that’s not to my own personal tastes!!

    • Prince Racster

      those crazy guys how dare they!! lol