Team Awesome 22oz Purist Bottles Jun 26, 2013


Bottles, bottles, bottles. I have to resist the urge to buy each pair I come across but I might make an exception with these Team Awesome Purist bottles… Thanks to Firefly for the awesome photo!

  • Richard Pool

    John, Im always curious why you haven’t done a run of Prolly bottles? Im sure your readers would buy them. Specialized lets you do custom runs with a minimum of 50 bottles. Hit me up if you would ever want collaborate.

  • Sean Curran

    At first I thought it was ridiculous how all these custom bottles were getting hyped up, but I’m realizing now its pretty awesome. If you need them, why not have cool ones? especially since there all around the same price and we already know the purist is great.

  • Matt Edwards

    I have too many damn awesome bottles! Now more!

  • Jamie McKeon

    OOOOOOh i just bought em.

  • SAM

    These guys are rad. Really good group of dudes.