Original Free Range’s Hydration Hose Adapter Cap


Original Free Range’s Hydration Hose Adapter Cap

We love innovative products that both solve a problem you might have or one you might not know you have. The newest product from Original Free Range is this innovative Hydration Hose Adapter Cap, which works on most 63mm widemouth bottles such as Nalgenes, Camelbak, Hydroflask, and more. This adapter allows you to run a hydration bladder hose like you would off a traditional bladder, while utilizing a bottle and a cage. Neat. All for $17.95.

-Measure your bottle opening, if its 63mm in diameter then this adapter most likely will fit the universal threads
-Makes metal, plastic and insulated bottles compatible with any hydration hos
-Awesome accessory for almost any cycling discipline: racing to bikepacking
-Fits all 63mm (Widemouth) Nalgene, Camelback and Hydraflask bottles
-*Does not fit 63mm Specialized or Zefal bottles
-Includes cap, silicone air valve (and spare valve), plug and a “cut to fit” straw
-Does not include bottle, hose or bite valve
-Silicone tubing and neoprene XL Gaiter available from us separately

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