Cali is Not California™ – Los Angeles Ride with Geoff McFetridge

At a glance, Los Angeles might not feel very bike-friendly, but scratch the surface like a lottery ticket to find an intertwined network of very open, majestic roads, many within the city itself. If you don’t have time for Dirt Mulholland, or the Angeles National Forest, Griffith Park and the famous Observatory will do just fine, especially if you start your ride out at the Trails for a coffee and pastry.

This particular morning, a solid group of people gathered to ride with LA-based artist and creator of the fabled Mudfoot racing team, Geoff McFetridge. No one was half-wheeling, no personal records were set, we all just chatted as we climbed Griffith Park and took a quick loop through “La La Land”. The ride ended at Geoff’s studio where we were given insight into his daily operations…

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During the Tour of California, Rapha North America and PiNP got together once again for a series of stories from the road. Under the guise Cali is Not California™, I took photos and Jeremy Dunn of Rapha North America told the tales, all relating to the thing we love: riding bikes with friends.

See more on this afternoon at Rapha’s blog, including Geoff’s illustration for the La Centieme Poster Collection at the Cycle Club SF.

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4
Fuji Pro400H

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  • Jon Schratz

    Why don’t you just move there? You’ve spent half the year there so far.

    • Because I love living in Texas and visiting Cali.

  • man these are good. nice work!

  • cory york

    what grey cycling cap is that is the first photo?

    • Austin Texas / Portland’s Team Wooly Mammoth

  • Scott Barnard

    Leica? Porta 400?

  • Western Rapid

    Really chilled vibe to these pics! Love Geoff’s work.

  • Vise

    I need this pink water bottle :) where can I find it ?

    • Vise

      nothing ?