Cali is Not California™

While I was in California last month, I worked on a few pieces for the Rapha blog, loosely-related to the Amgen Tour of California, with emphasis on loosely. You’re not going to see any pain face pros, just Regular Riders who we met along our trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. There’s more on the way, but here’s the first edition of Cali is Not California™!

I’m not the best raconteur but Jeremy Dunn is and he did an exceptional job at profiling some of the people we surveyed, so do yourself a favor and check it out at the Rapha Blog!

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

  • nathan ong

    photo#2 the best!!!

    • Ramon Jacquez

      photo 1 is photo 2 twenty years later.

  • Miles Away

    Need more info on the second to last bike!

    • D.J. Bolles

      Yeah, yeah! Tell us more!

      • It’s a Box Dog Bikes Pelican Randonneur!

    • It’s a Box Dog Bikes Pelican Randonneur…

  • Jake Ricker

    Great set.

    • Kevin Ehman

      seconded, awesome range of cycles / riders

  • Bruno Moreno

    that hufnagel is gorgeous

  • Molly

    Great portraits! This could be my favorite post of yours ever. I love seeing people with their bikes.

  • Richard Dreyer

    Great portraits!

  • hans

    good photos man