Portland Design Works: 3Wrencho Jun 10, 2013

Portland Design Works keeps it weird with this new video highlighting how multi purpose their 3Wrencho can be!

  • thequickest

    hey eats the peanut butter just like “yeah…” lol

  • bonus points for the name

  • Goog Smells

    Ah, pocket peanut butter, a Portland classic.

  • Jamie McKeon

    That HAIR

  • Fasih Rehman

    LOL – I have a 3wrencho, it is awesome. But the last place it is going is anywhere near my mouth.

    Someone should just make peanut butter with nutella in gel style pouches!

    • They have that. Justin’s….

      • Fasih Rehman

        Just done some googling – can only get the jars in the UK :-(