An Icarus Cross Frame With Nice Details May 23, 2013


I had to swing by Icarus Frames ( @IcarusFrames ) today to pick up a few things and while I was there, I got to see some of his latest handywork. This 1×10 commuter cross frame is heading up to Boston and while the customer didn’t want anything too fancy, Ian added some clean detailing. The fork will be an ENVE cross and it’ll be heading out to paint shortly. Part of me really loves seeing a frame in this state but a good coat of paint always brings out the details.

Check out a few more shots below.


Girdy is always weary of the camera.


Why use those stupid plastic cable guides on a custom bike? Also, nice chainstay bridge!


The seat stay bridge has webbing, to mimic the chain stay bridge.


Internal routing, clean cluster.


Simple and elegant BB cluster.


Drive side.

  • Liam Griffin

    So clean. I’m guessing this will be more of a 1×10 commuter instead of a cross bike. Unless I’m missing something the cable routing isn’t too cross friendly and there are no provisions for a front derailleur.

    • *It’s a 1×10 cross frame that will be also used as a commuter.*

    • Tommy Barse

      You can run sealed housing underneath, like Gore (which is discontinued, but there are other options), and use the internal liner full length. I do it on my Bishop with under BB routing. No problems at all. I’ll say that it’s awesome having an internal brake on the top tube and nothing else. No cables or braze-ons. A nice clean top tube to grab and shoulder.

      • SAM

        Gore is awful. Please don’t put it on your bishop!

        • Tommy Barse

          Is it? Because I disagree with you. Gore liner and housing has been perfectly functional for the task it was intended- keeping the bullshit out while performing without problems. Besides, I only mentioned using the internal liner and housing. I know that the cables suck.

          And in response to your attached hanger remark- how do you know Ian’s customer isn’t running mini-v brakes?

          Get real.

          • SAM

            Every time my shop has dealt with Gore, it is on an incoming bike seeking repair. It is brittle, loud, and gets sucked into the housing. Additionally, it is discontinued. That is my experience. I run everything internal or top-tube mounted, thus avoiding grime and covering my cables in coffee stirrers.

            Additionally, relax, I was talking about a DERAILLEUR hanger, not a brake hanger. Did I get real enough? My only intention in the above comment was to poke fun at the aesthetic qualities of Gore, because it looks dumb, and Bishops are beautiful.

          • Real enough for me! Communication break-down. My Bishop has a breezer drop out w/ attached hanger. It’s thick and sturdy and I haven’t had any issues.

          • My Gore has never given me a problem.

          • Gavin Heverly

            So this is my bike. I don’t race cross, and don’t intend to….for a variety of reasons, mostly because CX season conflicts with prime rock climbing season ( I’m a climber first and foremost.) Anyhow, I *am* running TRP CX9 Mini-Vs. And Like Ian said, this bike will get ridden to actual death. And enjoyed. This is exactly what I wanted in a bike for being able to use as a road bike, as well as off road adventures, winters in New England, and more.

  • Cross frame with under-bb cable routing?

    • SAM

      Yeah, and an attached hanger. Not a very functional cross frame.

      • I have an attached hanger….

        • Its not your bike, don’t worry about it, it will be ridden and enjoyed.

          • SAM

            I agree wholeheartedly. I’m not trying to bash this, I think you do amazing work. I hadn’t read the comment about it being a commuter, so please don’t take what I said personally.


        • SAM

          I’m not trying to bash anyone or anything, but I’ve wrecked a derailleur hanger in cross before, and I was very thankful to be able to order a new one. Hangers contribute to the longevity of a bike, it’s the bottom line. This frame and your own are both beautiful, but undeniably more form over function.

          • Sean Curran

            Nice thing about steel is that it can be re-bent without too much damage, and wont sheer easily like aluminum. Ive had one steel hanger on my MTB that replaced an alluminum one. I havent broke this one yet, and I thinnk I broke 3 alum. ones in this time period.

            This bike looks great, definitely be keeping an eye out in boston for it. I love the road/cross/commuter mix, very functional.

          • Sounds like user error to me. Steel can be bent, aluminum can not.

          • SAM

            Even steel is made weaker when bent. and you run the risk of damaging threads, etc.

  • D.J. Bolles

    Oh man, a 1×10 cross-commuter.My dream ride… I like seeing bikes in this state as well but, I can’t wait to see it painted(will we?) Enjoy this Gavin, it will serve you so well, I’m sure.

  • James

    Do people not read? It says its a commuter in the description.
    Beautiful work nonetheless. Always enjoy seeing your stuff.