Wolf Drawn: Elliot Milner Mar 6, 2013

People may think I don’t pay attention to fixed freestyle but I’m very much still stoked on seeing the riders and the riding progress. Most importantly, dudes like Elliot Milner (Unknown Bike Co) are pushing themselves and having fun. If you pay attention to the little nuances in his riding, you’ll notice that pedal setting doesn’t matter to him and he can spin either direction with ease.

Leave it to Matt Spencer at Wolf Drawn to deliver an excellent video and if this doesn’t make you want to ride, I don’t know what will.

  • So stoked I was able to see some of these tricks go down in person. Smooth stuff!

  • Ian Summers

    @ 1:28 best fixed gear combo grind to date.

  • Dope. Props too Elliott and Matt..Nice work

  • PNT

    very well executed!!!