Hypebeast Has my Essentials Mar 29, 2013


On this trip, I packed as lightly as I could, but I made sure I had my absolute essentials with me. Hypebeast has a profile up on their site, profiling these items, stating why I brought what and how each will be used as I travel through China. Head over and check it out!

  • Forever Winter

    Maybe it’s the tour thing your doing, otherwise it looks a little too heavy of MW marketing. Just an honest opinion.

    • It’s a MW trip and honestly, that’s all the clothing I brought, aside from boxers and socks.

      • Keris

        Don’t you dare disclose that the trip is with MW, that they are employing you to photograph them and THEN feature their products!!! How dare you represent the situation fairly!

  • It looks like you have 2 boots, yet neither of them could fit in your tire if you had a split sidewall. Also, no multi-tool, tube, air or levers? Don’t trick your readers into thinking you ride in the cloud(s). Great blog as always though.

    • Also no 35mm film, or SD cards, or chargers or sunglasses or gloves. Its not EVERYTHING I brought, just the essentials…

  • Looks like you’re officially mainstream bro.

    • Not saying this in an assholey way either. But your work is beyond the narrow scope of Hypebeast…

      • Hypebeast has featured me and my work a lot in the past. Giving cycling exposure is good, period. :-)

  • good to see you’re “stylin” in asia, dingus. the only thing that could make me think less of you right now/ laugh harder is if you brought that FBM Sword. Get real man, you’re a billboard. finally proof that cycling is just a social accessory to you.

    • Cycling is my job but it’s my passion, first and foremost. Perceive my enthusiasm however you want but I’m not the first person to make their job their passion.

      • Thats a line of yours too. “I refuse to take critique from someone who says (insert word here)”. I call you a dingus because anything else would be too harsh. you take great photos and write well, but you have left the just ride philosophy in the dust. you seem to lead people to covet rather than be inspired. everything on here now is ppretty far removed from your days on a pista concept at FDR.

        • And what do you do besides critique others? You’ve rarely offered anything positive or supportive here on the site and if I’m bumming you out that hard, I’m sorry. I live my life to be inspired and being inspirational, or at least appearing to be to some, is a by-product.

          Mosts of my Photosets are my vignettes into my travels, or the people I meet, or the rides I do and any brand-plug is strictly legitimate. I value my word and opinion over any “product”. TONS of my “work” here on the site oozing with the “just ride” philosophy and once or twice a year, I get to go on a trip like this, with a rad brand. Where’s the harm in that? Have you never paid attention to skate / surf / ect news blogs? They do the same thing….

          Those “days at FDR” you speak of were 6 years ago. I still ride with friends and have fun but back then, I had a 60 hour a week desk job, now I’m self-employed, learning the ins and outs of this myself. No one is telling me how to do what I do. It’s all a learning experience.

          I don’t think we’ve ever met, but you act like you know me too well. Nothing you said in your original comment even deserves a reply. If you want to make a point, do so constructively. Being a snot isn’t helping your case.

          • perhaps I’m coming across too harshly, but I do positively comment on this site. I’ve sent you emails commending your photography and writing, and I don’t care whether you respond or not, I just wanted to let you know those things. I don’t hate what you do here, not in the slightest, in fact, I enjoy the majority of what you post, and honestly can not thank you enough for emphasizing the importance products made in America. I’ll refrain from commenting from now on, I won’t plead my case where I feel the need to. And no, we’ve never met. I’d like to meet you, but I guess I’ve spoiled that possibility. Keep doing it man, you’re right, this is your shit, and you have a ridiculous amount of supporters.

          • Comment all you want, I appreciate discourse – I just don’t like it when people are bein dicks! ;-)

    • omg, lolled.

  • ekajnitram

    Wow, people shit on you for just about anything won’t they? I was just about to say I was jealous of the gear and camera collection. Also MW is a fantastic brand, I’m stoked to see the new clothing collection. Hope the bag is treating you well, mine goes with me everywhere.

    • No “job” is perfect. I agree, Mission’s a great brand and everyone involved in this trip have been incredible.

  • The_Palooch

    What happened to the pink inside the Geekhouse logo? BTW awesome photos

    • I wanted new graphics, so Brad made the white-outlined vinyl decals for me.

      • recurrecur

        you smell like an architect.

      • hans

        i went back and looked at the original post of your geekhouse as i was curious what the decals looked like before. did you move your seat tube water bottle bosses? was it out of reach?

        • that frame had some issues with the stays, so Marty and Brad made me a new one. It happens, especially on rush jobs like the team bikes.

          • hans

            that makes sense. was there anything else you opted to change after riding the original a while, since you were getting a new frame built anyway?

  • Man, the haters come out hard don’t they? I gotta admit, just like them, I’m super jealous of the rad gear you’re getting to use on this trip.

    I’m stoked to see someone out there, making a living doing what they love. It’s inspirational in so many ways. It’s totally possible to break out of the mould and do what you want. If you get some awesome perks along the way, even better for you.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Nice! I picked up a few essentials lately too. Looking forward to hitting the trails with you back in the states. http://distilleryimage10.instagram.com/a07964f0997c11e2914422000a1f98df_7.jpg

  • Haters gonna hate!!! Keep riding and smiling :-)

  • Nice kit. This is exactly what I would bring. Are you riding in bibs too?

    • Yeah, Rapha classic bibs and I brought my GSC kit too.

  • not sure why I read comments anymore. Is no one allowed to be happy? have you guys seen a ton of other people doing this shit better? are you really that critical about everything you do yourself?

  • Looks like there’s a couple of MW apparel in your essentials not currently available to the public. How are they?

    • It’s part of their new Acre apparel line. Tech fabric and merino wool. I dig it.