Recent Roll: DOPE Feb 9, 2013

I was riding down a fairly busy road coming back from the post office one day when I saw this hanging on a utility box. It’ wasn’t the first one that I’ve seen and sure wasn’t the last. Easy target, huh?

Hasselblad 500c/m
Zeiss 80mm T* CF
Fuji Provia 400x

  • Heh.. spell it backwards and you get ‘EPO’D’. On a more positive note, he was the greatest doper of all-time, that’s gotta count for something!

    • Haha, silver lining thinking.

    • Carl Anderson

      It would almost be possible to look past the doping and still recognize him as a great rider if it weren’t for all the deceit and lies.  And everything else.  Turns out hes just a douche. 

  • Benes4

    If it was news to anybody that he doped you have your head in the sand

  • Brian Vernor

    Painfully Obvious. Can we please move on from this graphic design riff.

    • Ryan McAnulty

      Yeah. Move on! Can anyone else steal Fairey’s idea and make it their own? I bet someone comes out with a new one now that the pope is retiring. Come up with you own ideas and then throw those up in the streets!

    • Right?

  • seen some on railroad boxes on oltorf and a few boxes on south first.  i want one…-0

  • Jon Schratz

    The real awesome part of this is that Captain Douche lives in Austin and must have seen these too…OR  maybe he’s the one putting them up, uh?  

  • I want this! This is a much better version, than what has been floating around the web…

  • m Sofolawe

    easy target for sure. At the same time, the problem is simply American. We have to cheat at mostly everything in order to reign supreme in the world. We cheat countries out of their liberties and cover it up by saying  we are creating democracy..anyone who is searching out facts can see that is a complete farce because what we are really doing is preying on the weak for our own benefit. So thats why its an American problem, Lance won so many titles and all under the influence of illegal doping that increases his probability of wins. This is so American because we will stop at nothing to “win.”

    • Ohh I thought everyone in the pelton was doing it.  Good to know it was just Americans, thanks for clearing that up.  Was Eddy Merckx American? How about Marco Pantani? Or Alberto Contador?  At least Lance won for democracy “America Fuck yeah.”