2013 NAHBS: Festka Brought the Bling

It was hard to miss Festka’s mirror-like finish on their track bike. These Czech builders brought a little something for everyone. If their Motol Chrome track bike isn’t your thing, maybe their neon pink carbon Zero road or razzle-inspired XCR Pablo road would do it for you? I didn’t get a lot of time to chat with two of the builders, so check out more information at Festka and see more in the Gallery.

  • Jacob Fraint

    Is that a copper to chrome fade? 

  • that track bike is so over the top but i heard that the frame construction is on point.  apparently it took them several weeks with many coats of a pigmented chrome spray to get that.

  • Holy cow I love the Pablo. Well done.

  • That pink to chrome fade with the mirror wheels makes the back half seem to disappear.

  • that track bike is out of control

  • Evan Rees

    The ‘Razzle’ XCR Pablo looks inspired by the Gotye video clip…