Product Review: Fizik Antares VS Saddle Jan 14, 2013

Let me preface this review by saying I’ve never felt the need to own a saddle with a relief channel. I always find that proper saddle position and bicycle fit will keep your body happy, even in the most sensitive areas. That said, I completely understand that not everyone’s body is the same. Much like having a proper frame fit, saddle fit* is one of the key deciding factors in an enjoyable ride.

My normal saddle of choice is the fi’zi:k Kurve but I’ve found that without a chamois, they can be a bit harsh so when I began to use my cross bike as an around the town bike, I wanted something with a little more padding. That’s when numerous people turned me onto the fi’zi:k Antares VS. I rode one on Ty’s Hufnagel up to Mt. Disappointment while in LA last summer and was sold immediately. Since then, I picked one up and have been in love ever since.

The design is sleek and with its matte on gloss black branding, it’ll satisfy even the most picky consumer. I even prefer the look of the saddle on a cross bike, with its rugged utilitarian aesthetic. Is it durable? You bet. Cross bikes tend to end up on their sides a lot, especially when spending the afternoon out on the trails. The nylon carbon reinforced shell is topped with a low density padding, making it comfortable right out of the box.

While it’s not the lightest saddle in fi’zi:k’s range (209 grams), there are, of course, much lighter, racier saddles in their line. But this isn’t what I would consider a race saddle. All in all, it’s a great buy with the material and the K:ium rails are very durable. MSRP is $150 but some local shops have them for less than that.

*Familiarize yourself with the fi’zi:k Spine Concept fitting system before picking up one for youself.

  • Started riding one of these myself last year and couldn’t agree more. Great saddle.

  • Andrew Baker

    I too started riding this sa

  • Ryan Malm

    I absolutely consider it a race saddle – used this on my road racing bike all year and it is amazing!  Would I prefer it lighter?  Yes.  Hopefully they’ll come out with the same design using the carbon rails soon.

  • Ian Stone

    I moved to a full cutout saddle after riding that one for awhile. It looses it’s channel once you wear in the foam.

  • I had one and it was an ordeal. It gave some me medical problems and I switched to a Specialized Romin. I did a couple of Centuries and races with it before the switch.

    • I mean, like I said, saddles all fit people differently.

  • Is it a good switch from a SLR gel flow ?

  • Where can I get those Mudfoot stickers?

    • You have to go to Golden Saddle Cyclery, yell “woody woooo”, drop off a 12 pack of Sessions and spend a night at Smoggy.

  • Where can I get those Mudfoot stickers?

  • What made you go with the antares over the aliante?  Is your kurve the antares equivalent? I also thought Ty’s looked like an Aliante vs.

    • I ride Antares usually. Ty’s is an Aliante, but it was the first time I rode a VS saddle.

      • Chris Loudermilk

        John, are you interested in another Fizik Antares VS? Think I might sell mine. It’s in new shape.

        • Stephen Stratman

          Hi Chris, if you’re selling that saddle, would you please email me specifics? I have the carbon rail version of the Antares VS sitting at my house right now. A friend gave it to me yesterday but I can’t commit to a carbon rail saddle, but I quite like the design. Please message me at [email protected]
          Thanks, Steve