Lance Lied and Everyone’s Talking About It Jan 16, 2013

As a cyclist, living in Austin, people want to know what I think about the whole Lance Armstrong doping scandal. Just today, I was asked by three unrelated people on the street after I finished up a ride. “Well what do you have to say about Armstrong?”. It’s a tough question to answer. Austin is Lance’s home town and his name is just about everywhere you look. He’s done a lot for cycling here. But do I like him? No. Not at all.

If he were a good person, I’d feel bad for him. But he’s not. He’s a lying, arrogant, egomaniac who ruined the credibility of American cycling (and cycling in general) in order to push his career. So for that, I don’t like the man and I feel bad for his teammates that refused to dope, for being dragged into this whole scandal. His legacy is false and we all believed in him!

Side note: should be left out of this argument. Don’t confuse it with What I will say is that while was founded by Lance, they’ve proven to be one of the best things to happen to cancer patients and for that, I’ll commend them. It was wise to ask him to step down. But the lines between .com and the .org tend to be blurry at times.

Now I’m sure people have mixed feelings about this whole scandal and his interview with Oprah but when will we hear the end of it?

  • Plus he basically got Trek to quit making LeMond bikes after Greg came out against him.  Bullshit.  Not to mention pushing Landis out of the sport, making life hell for Hamilton, etc etc.  The people he’s fucked over are like a who’s who of American cycling in the last twenty years.

    Even if he had come forward when the USADA basically said they would give him a pass, he’d still be a giant ass for those other things.

  • well said

  • sounds like someone found out the tooth fairy isn’t real.

  • You think he ruined the credibility of cycling as a whole? Are all facets of cycledom affected by dubious legacy? I disagree. Is your credibility as a vocal pillar of contemporary American cycling compromised by an ex-professional racer? I don’t think so. If he ruined American cycling cred (and cycling as a whole), he has made room for it to be come even bigger than a PRO racing sport.

    Not praising him, since he is a royal fuck, but I am suggesting that his ruin possibly allowed us space to rethink bikes beyond Lemond, USPS, the Tour and Trek in this country.

  • Kyle Kelley

    This is so ridiculous.

  • I don’t know if you’re aware, but how EPO works is not the same for everyone. The testing in place for years has just been to test the hematocrit levels in blood and if it’s above 50, bang, you’re a cheater.

    That sounds simple and as if it would level the playing field, but it’s actually not doing that.  Some people naturally have a higher hematocrit level.  Some have lower.  You can change it a little, but you mostly get what you get.

    Where this comes into play is that if Lance has, say, a natural hematocrit level of 41 (not impossible) and, say, Jan Ullrich has one of 48, Lance gets a much bigger boost than Jan can get because Jan is already blessed.  So Lance gets a bigger boost.

    Some pros have natural hematocrit levels as low as 38, so you can see how this isn’t leveling a playing field at all.  Some people get a boost, others don’t.

    I get the spirit of what you’re saying, but when you read all the docs on Lance (in the USADA case) and read Hamilton and David Millar’s respective books (or many of the others) it’s not just that he lied.  It’s that he bullied people and ruined lives.  And then there is the whole systematic way that Lance got help for USPS and other teams didn’t get it.  Hamilton talks about this in his transition off of USPS.  

    It sounds like you just need to read up on the subject a bit more.  It’s not as simple as “everybody dopes, NBD”.

    • Chris Rodriguez

      I consider someones natural hemocrit level to be a part of their set of natural gifts or as you say, ‘blessed’.   Other natural gifts might include more testosterone, or bigger legs, a higher mental tolerance for pain, etc…  ‘A level playing field’ means that all factors remain equal minus natural gifts and human will–and these two factors should determine athletic champions.  If I could take a drug to make my feet as big as michael phelps’ and I beat him at a swim, would you say I was only leveling the playing field?

  • The fact that he was doping isn’t the big deal it’s the fact that he forced others on his team to follow him down his chosen path and that he condemned others for doing what he was doing. Now that he wants to come clean because he can’t compete in any sports is hilarious. 
    After he comes clean on Oprah, I hope everybody that can, sues his ass and takes everything he owns and his ban remains. He thought it was okay to fuck around with other peoples carriers and now I enjoy the fact that his is so completely fucked.

  • I honestly think doping, cheating, whatever is too far gone, in ALL sports. There is too much money being spent on the science of “how to win”, whether or not that science gets used for “good” or “bad”, is here to stay. No sum of money, testimonies from who’s who, bans or any other punishment will actually solve the problem. Is it really all that much of a surprise though? “BIKE RACER JOCK GUY ADMITS TO DOPING!”, gimme a break, Lance may have started Livestrong, but he’s still a cheating, lying, slimy bastard who “strong-armed” his way to get what he wants. Oh wait, look! He’s doing it again!

    This is the stuff that fortifies my contempt for bike racers and sports in general, yet solidifies my simple passion for bike riding. 

  • Dope or not, Lance will forever be the greatest cyclist to have ever lived… Regardless of what any fixie bloggers or Travis Tygarts say.

    • Eddy Merckx disagrees. 525 Victories.

      • Sarcasm?

        For “the greatest” his palmares are a bit lacking.  Two classics and a UCI World Championship, the disgraced Tours and an Olympic medal?

        There are other Grand Tours that get less press in Les Etats-Unis that you need to win to be “greatest”.  Hinault, LeMond, Fignon, Kelly, hell even Hincapie > El Douche.

        Plus, the fucking hour.  Come on.  No contest.  I’d rather call Cipo the greatest than that prick.

  •  “I honestly don’t think doping is that big of a deal.”
    Well, it is just not allowed so it is a big deal! And what does that mean “Performance enhancement can come from anywhere”? Money can come from anywhere as well. Robbery for example. And you wouldn’t accept that, would you?

    So I think Armstrong is the worst thing that ever happened to Cycling in general. He introduced a high professional doping system into cycling and it is going to be a long and hard way to make cycling authentic again.

  • There are dopers and then there is Lance Armstrong…I don’t think you can compare him to any other dopers in the sport because he not only used PEDs but he also pushed it onto team mates, threatened peoples well being, destroyed businesses etc….Lance Armstrong is the lowest of the low, he cares nothing about the sport he has tainted only himself. Oh and Eddie Merckx is the greatest ever…Lance wouldn’t even be able to hold his waters!

    • Edward Scoble


      The more money/power you have, the faster you go.

  • Edward Scoble

    Someone on the LFGSS made a very good post about Livestrong;

    Why all the negativity about Livestrong?Only 95% of their income went in admin and promotion. So for every $100,000,000 raised to fight cancer, Livestrong ensured that $5,000,000 got there. Who can dispute that $5,000,000 is a lot of money? I bet that neither Walsh or Kimmage have raised $5,000,000 for cancer charities.

  • The mob boss has fallen…

  • All this dopey Lance business, and all the random folks who ask me about it because I work in a bike shop, just highlights why I prefer trail-riding to road racing: no cops, no cars, no concrete…

    …and (smokable) doping is encouraged!

  • you haven’t been involved in cycling long enough to credibly comment. neat you live in austin.

  • Gregory Ralich

    Thank you for making the note about and explaining the difference. Cancer is cancer and if anyone needs any more proof about how valid their efforts are to help those in need, read here:

  • Icicle_bay

    Ok, he doped. Ok, he’s a dick. He was the best player in a very dirty game. What’s next? Fingers are pointed at the UCI. At Johan. At Tailwind. At the Junior US Coaches. What about Pruitt and Carmichael? What about the US Olympic higher ups? Trek? This doesn’t happen in a closed loop, and it doesn’t end here. Hundreds of people were complicit in the Postal/Disco/Astana/whatever machine. Same as any NFL team. Same as Juventus and Ferrari. Same as Merckx.

    People died and people were hurt and steamrolled over. When improperly used, these drugs do a lot of harm, not to mention the black market that brings them in.

    There will always be drugs, newer and more powerful. People will always want the spectacle of professional sports enhanced by the dope.

    What can you do except opt out? Turn off the TV, cut the bracelet, and go ride your bike because it feels nice.

  • rustiek

    At least he rode with those MASH dudes when they came through Austin. That was pretty rad. 

  • Hello, I am a French 44 years, I am sad for the history of cycling.
    But Lance Armstrong or another, I do not care.
    I keep my sport, cycling is immortal.
    Long live the sport and that God gives us the strength to do so.
    Stéphane Toupenet

  • When WILL we hear the end of it? In our lifetime, I hope.

  • Lance is such a big fat liar that I’m not even sure he didn’t make up the whole doping thing too. I’m not convinced he’s ever even ridden a bicycle!

  • I just think he was a fool,shame on him.

  • “Personally, I don’t really care if Lance doped. This whole thing is a
    big witch hunt and even if he did, it’s not like he put lives at risk.” -John Watson

    • Opinions change and that was before I knew the extent of his lies.