Vote for the Cinelli Laser Viva Oct 3, 2012

Yow! That’s a good looking bike. Cinelli is pushing their carbon Laser model, the Viva pretty hard and we can all see why. I first showed it to you in my Interbike coverage and now, here’s a crispy studio shot. Head on over to Bike Motion to vote for this bike. It’s in Dutch but Chrome’s translator works wonders. Also, for anyone wanting the high res of the above photo, I upped it here.

  • kiwinsky

    Cinelli gave up on designing bikes or their design department went on strike?

    It’s a pretty color and it look’s like a Laser. But it’s not a laser is it?Anyway, I hope they wake up soon and get their pencils out of their noses!

  • Fillet Brazed Lasers, Cinelli Grammos, Spinozas. Bring the coolest steel ever made back, not this plastic stuff.

    • Thebikelab


  • Joshua Robot

    I’m so into this. 

  • Trigon928


  • chris

    I really want to like this but I just can’t. Even though it says Cinelli on it it just seems like a cheap knock-off. As much as I like vintage bikes with modern parts this just doesn’t work. The front end is all wrong and carbon just isn’t right.

  • harold bishop

    A carbon frame pretending to be steel which was pretending to be carbon. Riiight.

    If they put more thought into the seat clamp junction and the headset design this could be sensational but it just looks like another carbon frame in a pretty colour.

    What the hell is with the POS painted seatpost?!

  • catdrew

    I’m sure it will ride right but the bike just looks like an catalogue carbon frame, even though it is not.  Part of what made the laser so amazing was how futuristic it looked- this looks like every other carbon bike out there. 

  • Cb

    youd think if you sprung for an EPS equipped bike these days you could at least get the hoods positioned correctly or the labels lined up with the valve stems.  guess not.  also, is that a kalloy seatpost?  

    • Those are hyperon tubulars. Vittoria doesn’t line the labels with valves on the corsa tubs.

  • Bummertown

    Looks like a 20 year old Kestrel.  Bummer.