Interbike 2012: Cinelli

Year after year, photographing Interbike goes from being an overwhelming and daunting task to me just knowing what people want to see. That and after I get over shooting in the horrible lighting, the yearly tradeshow’s bounty of Beautiful Bicycles just comes easy. This year, Cinelli packed a few punches, starting with the new single speed CX frame, designed by MASH. But the main surprise was the custom carbon Laser road. Wow.

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  • Guest

    how much will the road be?

    • Around $6,000 (if I remember correctly) for frame, fork and headset.

      • Stephen_jack_stephen

        i was at interbike all 3 days and now looking at these photos of the laser i see one thing im not sure about…. electronic  cockpit.

        • Cinelli USA

          Stephen, It’s custom.  You can set it up mechanical if you wish…even friction downtube shifters if you like ;)

      • Pricing has not been finalized yet, but that’s a pretty good guess.  I hope we can get it closer to $5,000.

  • That Laser Road is sick.

    • …after they scoot the levers down. set up like a cross bike in the pic.

  • That SSCX Mash Bike is incredible looking.  Wish it had fender/rack mounts too :(

    • hans


    • Powell


    • poop sauce

      come on man, its a race bike.  go buy a cross check.

      • come on man, don’t ever use a race bike for anything but racing, BRO.

  • Chris

    Sweet jesus that Laser is nice looking!

    What is the thought behind the “handle” bar?????

    • i was wondering the same thing.  The seat stay looks rad too.

      • Bennyradikal

        space for accessorizes?

        • This is correct.  The RAM3 bar ships with a rubber adaptor to run a computer, etc on the “manta ray” portion of the bar.

  • Ak

    Looks like someone has some saving to do, that Laser road is insane.

  • trackshack

    hot dang!

  • Pondoro

    Nice pictures !. John did you fly from London to JFK yesterday .There was a guy who look just like you tattos and all .

    Rgds Pondoro

  • have you seen the Rizzoli book yet (there?)?

  • kris

    You know you’re a VW nerd when you see a picture of a nice Double Cab on a bike site, and think “I wish that bike weren’t in front of it.”

    • thurtytwo

       Felt the same way!

      • Baron von Drais

        I think that’s an uber rare Synchro 4 wheel drive double cab

  • Cinelli X Mash Cross bike = History. 

  • Noel

    The SSCX Mash needs to come in a 49 for manlets like me.

  • I just wanna…..grrrr!

  • I just wanna…..grrrr!

  • ssnyc

    Only one pic of the Very Best of? Mor picz! Columbus genius etc…

  • Here not There

    Where are those frames made, Taiwan or China?
    I’ll stick to riding the frames that are built here in the USA!!!

    • You left out Italy…it’s a pretty important one don’t ya think?