One Fresh Frame: Icarus Road

Bryan Myers of Fresh Frame has painted two of my bikes, my Icarus MAX track and my Bishop road. He’s a master masker and the designs that leave his shop are, well, incredible. While Fresh Frame didn’t have a booth at the Philly Bike Expo, he did lead a seminar on painting and for an in-progress project example, he brought this partially finished Icarus road. This frame is stunning! I can’t wait to see it built up. Check out more below.

  • Mark22

    hey what frame is that?
    wait, lemme do a wheelie for u.

    • Icarus road frame.

      • Mark22

        i was being sarcastic. wheelie to show the lower decals… get it
        thanks for sharing great paint frame & frame maker

  • Joshua Robot

    Wat? So good.

  • schwing!

  • Jossdakin

    So beautiful

  • Cole

    dude totally doesn’t look like he painted that bike and its awesome

  • The detail on that seat tube lug is beautiful.