Day 02 of the Giro New Road Photo Shoot

We started our day at a reasonable hour and after breakfast, the team got an intro to Giro‘s new cycling apparel line, the New Road. I can’t say a whole lot about it but what I will say is this is far from “commuter wear” and a completely different approach to your typical road wear.  The most appealing aspect of the line is that it’s all made in the USA.

Our day began leaving the ranch where we’re staying, down a gravel road and out, along the 128 to the 1. At mile 45, we stopped for lunch and to my surprise, had only climbed around 1,000’. Then, jokingly Mark said “oh, there’s a climb”, a Cat 2 trek awaited us off the 1 and it hurt but the 1,000′ descent in 3 miles was exhilarating. At mile 70, we tacked in around 5,000′. Once back at the ranch, we soaked in the waining sunlight, drank some beer and sat in the hot tub, ready to tackle another day on the bike…

Expect a little more riding photos tomorrow, as well as some more teaser shots of the New Road line.

  • So is someone finally going to step to the plate and make clipless compatible crocs?

  • Thebikelab

    Jeez, the life of a blogger… I wonder if he’ll post a favourable review of the clothing

    • I don’t review products I don’t like and I am never, ever obligated to review products I don’t like. My role here is to shoot photos and to give PR&D.

      How do you make it through reading a magazine? They ONLY review products from advertisers. Same goes for most bigger sites. At least I don’t charge people to have their products and videos and photos posted.

      Cut me some slack, I’m running a pretty simple site: posting things I like….

      • Thebikelab

        Ahh.. ok. It all makes sense now. I could never understand why every review you write is in favour of the product. Good vibes only at PiNP!

        • hans

           and yeah they are good vibes man. if you met John in person you’d know he was a no bullshit kind of guy and his site is the same way, straight up. there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the nice photos and rad bikes you get to see here.

    • it’s hard not to be jealous.  try not to let it make you spiteful

      • Thebikelab

        Ya, quite hard. I’ll try but no promises..

  • Jpsawyer

    I wanna see more of that yellow Hufnagel. 
    But looks like a blast. super jealous

  • Spencer

    Looks awesome. And I like the Detroit Tigers love in the second to last shot.

  • if there’s some leftover 48s, send em north–my factors are on their last leg

  • Guest

    Any chance you shot a photo of that black Cervélo? 

  • Ivan Pocintela


  • Hufagnel = Beaut

  • Harry Major

    “The most appealing aspect of the line is that it’s all made in the USA.”

    Thats the best thing? Must be a crap range of clothes if the best thing is where its made, and not its looks or features.

  • Sandor

    The time has come to redesign racing shorts and you, Prolly, are the one to take this mission to Giro. Tell them we want a fly to pee out of. Tell them we want back stitched-on pockets so it doesn’t look like it’s all about asses. Tell them we want non spandexy, unshiny material. Tell them we will no longer compromise our masculine dignity. Tell them the days of bike pride parades are over, that we want to be able to ride through rough neighborhoods without getting unsavory comments. Tell them to save the butthuggy shiny spandex for the beautiful women who benefit from the current conventional wisdom, and who don’t need a fly to pee out of. Tell them…

    (The rapha touring shorts, if you get them smaller rather than larger, look and feel like racing shorts, except that they have a fly, aren’t too shiny or  too tight, and thefore do not produce a lonely wiener or camel toe effect…). Just sayin.

  • Goddamn i am jealous. 

  • in this photo, what is the bike with the flat bars?

    • An old Steelman I didn’t get the chance to photograph