Matt’s Signal Cross

I’ve long been a fan of Signal Cycles‘ work and yet I still can’t describe it without saying “Portland” somewhere. Truth is, their bikes aren’t very Portland, nor are they extremely classic, they’re just Signal Cycles. Bright colors, impeccible craftsmanship and very reflective of their clients. Maybe that’s it. Every Signal owner I’ve met, matches their bikes, right down to the colors. Isn’t that what a custom bike is all about? Take Matt’s cross bike for example…

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  • Jerry

    I think this is one of the first steel Di2 bikes I’ve seen. Looks great!

  • the seat stays are so nice

  • Great shots John! I got to race the bike this past weekend and it performed pretty well. Still tweaking the disc brakes though.

  • Max

    disc brakes=very portland

  • paul

    so much attention to detail, but the tires aren’t facing the same direction.  the front looks backwards to me.  maybe it’s on purpose? 

    • (the tires weren’t mounted and glued yet, we just stretched them on for a minute for photos)

      • f5

        for some reason there’s no photo or text link showing up in safari. Got one to share?

        • Site’s having hiccups today… Sorry!

        • Here’s a cached version of it on my server:

  • christ. this thing is CLEAN (in every sense of the word). Beautiful bike, the electronics for CX is an intriguing concept to me…no cables to get gunked up…all internal…pricey, but man does it work beautifully. great bike, congrats matt.

  • Those guys do some of the best work out there…


    One word…BIUTIFUL!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    sexy stays!