Trimble Racing Presents the Hatcher Pass Road Race Jul 9, 2012

And the award for the best race poster goes to…

Trimble Racing is proud to announce the Hatcher Pass Road Race to be held on August 4th, 2012. This unsanctioned 70 mile dirt road race will be contested through the beautiful wilderness of Alaska. The race will begin at the Trimble family cabin near the Independence Mine in the Talkeetna Mountains. After a neutral descent the race will start with a grueling two mile dirt climb up and over the famous Hatcher Pass. At the top of the pass riders will cross from the Palmer side to the Willow side plummeting down the Willow Fishhook Road, a long and technical gravel descent with endless switchback corners. After the nearly thirty mile descent the road levels for a few recovery miles. A checkpoint at the intersection of the Parks Highway marks the halfway point where the riders will turn around and start the long journey back to the Trimble cabin.

The race climbs in reverse back over Hatcher Pass. This is a long but gradual grind that becomes steeper near the top of the pass. The field will be broken into pieces by the summit which is a good thing as a steep descent down Hatcher Pass road awaits the riders. At the bottom riders will make a sharp left and head back uphill. The road here is glass smooth and consists of the only paved section of the entire race. At the end of the paved road the route becomes gravel and immediately much steeper. After multiple switchbacks at a grade exceeding 20% the summit finish is achieved at the cabin.

Trimble Racing is excited to announce Black Cat Cycles, Chris King, Giro, and STM as proud sponsors. Poster design by Chris McNally. Additional sponsors and prizes to be announced soon.

For more information and race registration.

  • A L A S K A! this race looks incredible, worth it for the landscape alone. Amazing poster as well, both of them. Hopefully this becomes an annual thing so I can plan for it in advance next year.

  • John, you gonna’ ride it?

  • andrew

    im seriuosly trying to make it out to this race.  Put my cx skills to the test, before season starts.

  • Slick watercolors! 

  • Nathan Bosch

    Strong work not calling it  ‘Hatcher’S Pass”. 

    It’s not possessive, it’s not plural.  It’s Hatcher Pass.

    Give a shout when you come up and ride it. . .

    and when you do the mountain is called Denali, NOt McKinley.

    • David Trimble

      Do you live up there? Hope to see you at the race! I was born in Anchorage and try to make it back every summer. 

  • David Trimble

    Posters will be for sale for $10 starting tomorrow at 

  • David Trimble