Full Frame Collective: Chas and Crihs on Douglass St. Jul 31, 2012

Photo by Terry B

Back when Chas had hair and Crihs wasn’t fat, they hit up Douglass St. with the Full Frame Collective and Werehaus guys. Terry got this shot of Chas, getting so pitted and it just makes me smile. For more entertainment, hit up the video from Douglass St. below.

  • NoAH

    My god! Obesity is so gross… please take this down!

    • NoAH

      Im only kidding. You look great Crihs.

  • Jdhhsept

    love the spectators at the end

  • who gives a shit?

    woopty fucking doo

  • Dildo magnet

    photo beats video

  • timeless classics

    ’07 was mad rad

  • guest

    Chas wasnt always so dreamy…

  • RulerZigzag

    bombing hills with a freewheel is more fun

  • Cyclonesian


  • quick think of snarky retord, and be sure you make going fast on a fixed hub feel beneath you. Also circa 2007’ing in 2012 is inane. ride bikes down hills, then climb them because its fun. pshh, fun is so 2009.

  • crihs wasn’t fat?