Premium Rush: Photo Galleries and Video Games May 30, 2012

Premium Rush, the movie that used both Austin Horse and Tom LaMarche for stunt doubles, is spinning up to its August 24th premiere. Check out all the goodies here. Look, we all know the story line blows but it’ll be pretty rad seeing a movie like this on the big screen (or a torrent).

  • No it won’t.

  • Durkmenistan

    “The Fast and the Furious: Bikes” will be great fun to watch and make fun of for years to come.

  • This will go onto the DVD shelf next to Blood Trails… ;)

  • tommaso

    Good for Austin and Tom, they deserve some recognition. That said, I’m concerned that this film is going to lead to a crackdown on urban cyclists in NYC and make it very difficult to hold alleycats in the future.

  • oh noes, dat construction worker 

  • Alex12

    original soundtrack ?

  • AdamEldridge

    Yo SQUID!

  • Alberto Fox

    I really like how the trailer is all “fixed gear, no brakes” then all the bikes have brakes… Whatever, it’s good to see they at least choose the best for their stunt doubles.

  • Bob

    20 Years from now, kids will regard this as thier generation’s “Rad”… 

  • Victor_Tvrdy

    fakie 180 up 5’s on a track bike? or that 3’5” bunnyhop ?? Tom doin a rad job…

  • haven’t seen this photo yet, nice angle

  • b.taylor


  • nea kipo

    well it’s not the plot that people are worried about, i think it’s the inevitable wave of kids who will see this movie, buy a fixed gear, and ride like they’re in an alleycat every day, which leads to not only more crashes, but more cops giving tickets and watching out for brakeless riders to ticket. 

  • nea kipo

    but, to be honest, everything will be fine.