Introducing Zen Grips May 2, 2012

From my SF Randomness set

Photo by Matt Lingo for Zen Grips

I met Kit this weekend in SF for the #RideNStyle fixed gear madness that engulfed the city. He’s from SoCal and came up to promote his new company, Zen Grips and race at the event. Made by ODI, these grips are fabricated in the USA and feature a unique compound and grip pattern. Kit was riding them on his track bike and his FGFS team has been repping them hard for the past few months.

Head over to Zen Grips to check out more and don’t miss that Matt Lingo-shot set with Congo and Joe.

  • they look cheaply processed

    • They’re ODI dude. Never cheaply processed… The grip in the photo I took was already worn down a bit from use.