Massan’s MUNI LOW

About a year ago, a man named Andrew Low came onto the track bike scene. Based in SF, Andrew builds handmade aluminum track frames in a small and tidy workshop in the Mission. San Francisco is widely responsible for the aluminum track bike hype and LOW has the made in the USA market cornered. When Massan caught wind of Andrew, he had to support a builder from his home town…

Just recently, Andrew completed a low pro model in a MUNI livery for Massan and I had the chance to photograph it in the Embarcadero on Saturday. With Massan’s recent induction into the Chrome Familia, this bike will be getting a lot of press-love, but for now, here’s my lens-love.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • chris

    Welds are BURLEY!!  Love the paint scheme.

  • M3rz

    “San Franciso is widely responsible for the aluminum track bike hype”

    Uhhh wut?

    • Mash started it all.

      • chris

        not cannondale in the early 90s?

        • Dude, you missed the point. I was saying the popularity for aluminum track bikes on the street started with SF.

  • guest

    looks like he ordered the wrong size….

    • It’s the XL and that’s what he rides.

      • guest

        Seatpost is too high for a lo pro, and he has a riser stem. Its obvious he needs a size or two larger. I know its a pursuit style frame, but come on look at the angle on that seat…level that out

        • Not to be mr. internet fit guy, but I can’t imagine many situations where someone would need a zero setback post on a track bike with an already steep seat tube angle.

          • I have a zero setback on my Icarus only because I wanted a made in the USA post on it and the setback thomsons are fugly. 

  • damn that drop is hot.

  • Chris

    id really like to get my hands on one of these and see how they ride, i feel like these frames are just begging for a wound up fork. my guerciotti was 7000 AL and rode quite nicely with the carbon fork. 

    im digging the custom graphics on this one, but it really drives me nuts when people do the black post with the silver stem. match that shit up. right? 

  • Levenger

    The bikes seem good, but aestically, are over branded. Is there really a website decal on that frame? DT logo overkill. Let the product and design speak for itself. That BB/CStay gusset like on the hot pink bike from previous posts and this bike, the frames are immediately recognized as Low bikes. No need to be so literal. The decals ruin it for me.

    • give me a break, ordering a “custom frame” and having a shitty fit defeats the whole purpose. and makes the rider (and builder) look like shit.

      • Harry

        Massan looks pretty cool to me.

        People who cry about someone elses bike on the internet look like shit.

      • It’s not custom built, just custom painted. Why is it so hard for people to understand that hand made doesn’t mean custom built?

        Let me say it again: production is not custom.

        • Andrew

          thank you! I can’t seem to get that point across either. Oh well..  BTW, have any of these ‘fit experts’ asked Massan what he thinks of the fit? Just sayin’

          “Seatpost is too high for a lo pro… Its obvious he needs a size or two larger” -What?! By design, pursuit frames are ‘too small’ in the front end for their respective sizes. 

      • Hahaha, you’re from baltimore

        • “I have a small peenz”
          provocative twitter dog

  • tommaso

    Uhoh, the seat angle police are out in full force tonight. Perhaps they should spend more time riding their perfectly-fitted bikes, so that they could actually keep up with Massan and his unorthodox bike setup.

  • question

    This isn’t a question to fuel the sizing jerk off circle, but how tall is Massan? 

  • No

    Just curious if anyone know what ratio he’s been riding?

  • I like the dropouts.

  • Epsilon Rock

    I wouldnt care of massan was riding a 47 with bmx bars on it. He will smoke any of these fit retards, and is smart enough to put together a bike that suits his needs, regardless of what slow people have to say.

    • I’d love to see half these kids tell Massan this shit. LOL

      • guest

        I’d say it to him. So what if he’s fast now; he’s just going to have erectile dysfunction later because of that retarded seat angle. Thats the problem with the fixed gear street scene, too many people worried about who’s faster, who’s the better inconsiderate asshole hillbomber, and who has better gear. Having a proper fit and riding safely are essential to cycling and anyone who says not is just in it for the show.

        • Yeah, you tell them!

        • GUEST

          from here it looks like fixie kids are snotty little assholes who like to run their mouth about people they don’t know on the internet. just shut up and care about your own shitty bikes

        • tommaso

          Wrong, forward tilted-saddles put more weight on your wrists and less weight on your junk! Thus, Massan probably has better erections than you, and certainly bigger balls because he’s the best hillbomber out there.

  • DanZ

    That shit is G.

  • cookietruck
  • Peter

    Funny little story I’d love to share with you guys about meeting Massan. I was riding my bike to a friends BBQ in south Brooklyn, heading along the water front bike path when I see this dude rip across serious car traffic and drop in to bike lane, super smooth like it was no big deal.  From witnessing that, let me assure you he rides full on whether cameras are rolling or not.

  • CC

    That bike is beautiful- armchair haters can go to hell. 

  • Guest

    Awesome bike, entertaining comments. Nice work.

  •  massan’s ride lookin alpha as fuck

  • Darylperez30

    Does anyone know the ratio they ride on?And what kind of drop bars are they?
    Road or track?

  • forfuksake

    Bottom line. I think the bike looks sweet. I have a Low pursuit and its my favorite bike to ride. You can still have the sickest build and people will still hate. just shut up and go ride. 

  • vaev

    Dude, I love the name, Muni LOW HOW sweet it is

  • Cxbra

    Seat UP, bars DOWN.. thats the way to dip around town!

  • Andy Moore

    What would Hitler say, though, to these videos?
    (Yes, I know, this thing is old as dirt, but not as old as me.)

    As a bmx/mtb/road/gravel rider, I just don’t see the beauty in this sub-genre of bicycle riding after checking his videos on Chrome’s site. Pretty boring to watch, for the most part. Do you have to do this kind of riding to see the beauty in it, perhaps?

    • that’d be like me saying I hate mountain bikes, but have never ridden a trail. of course you have to do this kind of riding to appreciate it, and see the beauty in it. 

      • ^ this and besides, who categorizes themselves as a “gravel rider”?

  • 11215

    Looked great until I got to pic. 7. I’d have a hard time getting used to those welds on the seat tube. I guess that’s what tig-welded Al looks like these days?

  • 11215

    Loved this until I got to pic. 7. I’d have a hard time with the way those welds look on the seat tube. Is that what good tig-welded Al welds look like these days?