Kenny and His Cannondale Cargo

Kenny always has the nicest work bikes. His Raleigh, Guerciotti and now this Cannondale track bike have been featured on the site but this one takes the cake. Chris Lee bought this frame a few months back and realized it was too big for him, seeing an opportunity, Kenny snatched it up. Since the original fork was nowhere to be found, he picked up a similar track fork and threw a Cetma on it. Now the fork and the rack have a nice patina to them and Kenny is already riding it into the ground. As evidence by the bird shit all over it, he’s more into the ride, than keeping a museum-quality icon of the 90’s track racing scene.

Click the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • chris

    Good to meet you yesterday Kenny!  See you around man!

    How did things work out with the Masi?

  • RobinMarine

    Love it but I hope he still has that awesome Guerciotti

  • ScumbagSF

    my two favorite things. cannondale track frames and cetma racks. so fucking rad.

  • c’dale track will always have a place…

  • A bit random and way late, but does anyone know where I can get one of those iPhone backpack attachments?

  • will

    i made that fork

  • Happymomsbikes

    that fork was made by will and carter at happy moms.  It used to be on our red show bike.

  • Tim B.D.

    Which wheelset is that?

    • Miche

      • Tim B.D.

        And those tires? Are they any good?

  • Willem Mingelen

    im guessing that, that is an salsa stem?

  • Skizz

    It stokes me that my lock is lighter than this guy’s. Otherwise, it’s all jealousy.