The Outlier Feit Supermarines 2012 Edition

I really, truly miss my NYC family but it’s great to see various brands continue to grow each time I’m back in town. While I was in the Outlier offices last week, I shot some photos of their new The Outlier Feit Supermarines 2012 Edition. These sneakers may not be for everyone, or everyone’s budget but as history proves, they’ll sell out faster than your RSS reader will pick up on this post. They presale now for $290. Check out a gallery and a press release below.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

The Outlier Feit Supermarines 2012 Edition. A handmade sneaker built using our highly water resistant Supermarine Cotton. Using the best materials possible, we’ve made some subtle yet substantial changes based on the original model to make an even better shoe.

The removable insole is made with high quality cork and buffalo leather. A thin layer of natural latex has been added for comfort during the “break-in” period and the forefoot has been perforated for ventilation. The sole has been reengineered for enhanced wet weather traction with Vibram rubber sheets that have been bonded to the full-length, vegetable tanned leather outsole.

Supermarine Cotton covers the upper for incredible water resistance and breathability. Hand-sewn using Goodyear welt construction and lined with French calf leather for its luxurious feel. The result is a more balanced shoe – visually and physically.

We expect to ship them early summer, but they are available for presale now for $290. If there are any left after they arrive, the regular price will be $333, so grab them while you can. Available in Black, Ghost and Navy. WWW.OUTLIER.CC/SUPERMARINES

  • boo

    “Made in China”

  • Richard Smith

    Made in China. Seriously?

    • Yeah… The last Feit collaboration shoes were as well. 

    • If you can connect us to a US factory that can make shoes like this we will make them there. Until we find that factory we’re going with the best factory we can find and that happens to be in China

  • col

    point of reference: a pair of italian made sidi genius 5’s run $260. 

    • These aren’t cycling shoes…

    • They are also made out of fake leather… 

    • Trfking

      Apples and oranges. Purpose-built racing shoes vs sneakers made like high end dress shoes.

  • Simcain2002

    profit margin of $200, buy american.

    • Richard Smith

      I’d have said at LEAST $250. Whilst I don’t understand how they can justify these sorts of prices for a pair of far-eastern-made shoes, the most puzzling thing to me is the fact that people will buy them?!

      • Look up Supermarine Cotton while you’re compiling these profit margins…

      • Not even close, I wish we could get those sorts of margins, but even if we could we wouldn’t do it. As for how expensive a Chinese made shoe can get, take a look at Visvim and then come complain about our prices! Fact is that right now the best shoe factories in the world are in China. The world is changing and the same way made in Japan went from meaning cheap to premium the same is starting to happen in China. Shoe factory we use is actually closed all of August Italian style…

        • Simcain2002

          The workers must come back in September starving.

  • James_marquis

    I’d be interested to see if they can be resoled. 

  • Ponder this

    I pity the fool who buys these. Im sorry it doesn’t matter if its Supermarine cotton or kangaroo for that matter. It boils down to overpriced Keds, and comparing these to Sidi’s (col) is preposterous, you could of at least used Vans as a reference for comparison.

  • Trfking

    To those complaining about the fact that they’re Made In China: Tell me of a sneaker with the construction quality, materials, and good looks of this one that’s made in the USA. Hell, let me know of ANY decent sneaker made in the US besides ugly-ass New Balances.

  • Damn. Even though they cost nearly half of my weekly salary, I had them in the cart and was gonna go.  Until I read the comments and realized they weren’t made in the U.S.  I mean, I saw “Made in NYC” all over the site so I just figured.  Shoulda read the fine print.  Doesn’t matter I guess.  They’ll sell out before they’re even released.  
    At least they make some stuff here.  The first time I went in to a “Brooklyn Industries” 10 years ago… well, you know.