Tristen’s Guerciotti Pista

Melbourne has so many nice track bikes on the street at any given moment. It became kind of overwhelming. To the point where I just stopped trying to shoot photos of them. Then I saw Tristen‘s Guerciotti at Saint Cloud and had to shoot it. The build is a mix of old and new, with a peculiar grip situation on the bars. The Phil Wood hubs to Velocity Deep V’s are a wheelset we’ve probably all had at one point but this noble steed gets ridden and locked up everyday, not hung on a wall. Click the image above for the gallery.

  • crihs

    handle bar grips are brutal. wish it had a classic tape job.

  • Aaron

    Sick bike.

    “Phil Wood hubs to Velocity Deep V’s are a wheelset we’ve probably all had at one point” Anticipating the hate. Do I detect a hint of weariness there? At least you’re living the dream, bra.

    • See the comments above? I’m always nervous when I post someone else’s bike. The jerks in Steph’s Tomassini post really upset her. Dudes picking apart people’s rides get out of hand.

      • Aaron

        That was a damn nice bike too. Of course some ss conversions are half-assed, weak as fuck and clunky and it sucks when that happens to a classic bike but others are perfectly classy and I bet those same dudes would be all over that shit if they saw that bike outside in real life. People aren’t nearly as fundamentalist in person as they are on the internet. And I bet this other guy up here can roll on his Vs and phils every day for the next 5 years without so much as adjusting one single spoke. And I don’t know how it is in that hemisphere but here bike shops are practically giving away those rims now.

        • vopop

           Mind hooking with some bike shop giving away those rims?

      • Scorch

        This is internet, what can one expect? I think you’re doing a good job representing the variety as it is, and the haters can keep on hating (now, having said that, I also don’t approve of those ourys up there, but who gives a damn?)

  • Balk

    get out of here with those oury grips, what the hell!

  • yann

    I love it. double grips is very circa 2006! I never had phils to deep Vs but I definitely ran ourys at one point. big cheese as well :)

  • Ian Michelson

    Wow, how did I just find this? I purchased this frame set 3 years ago. It now gets ridden on the track 3 times a week!