Pereira Cycles, Steve Rex and Ira Ryan

This grouping just worked itself out without any planning on my part. Turns out, I met all three of these builders when I was in Portland attending the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race and Steve Rex isn’t even from Portland. You might recognize Tony Pereira‘s magenta machine from this year’s Oregon Manifest. He took home first place there, partially due to his use of an electric-assisted drivetrain and at the 2012 NAHBS, it was the center piece of his booth. Tony had a great point, saying most electric-assisted bikes aren’t designed by bicycle designers, so it leaves a huge gap in the industry. Also on display was a touring bike, a MTB (which won best MTB I might add), new lights he designed and a raw frame. Overall, it vibed!

Steve Rex‘s booth had the fortunate location of being right by the front door. Good for him, bad for me. I could barely get enough time with a bike without someone coming up and squeezing the brakes, dinging the top tube or lifting it up to see how light it was. This one guy must have been squeezing the brakes for 5 minutes straight on Steve’s gorgeous touring bike. Meanwhile, I was trying to get a shot of his shiny stainless track bike with front AND rear brakes. It’s not every day you see something as practical as that displayed on a track bike.

Ira Ryan‘s cargo town bike for Ned Ludd was insane. I counted four Chris King headsets and four Chris King hubs. It was detailed everywhere and took up his whole booth. I couldn’t stop staring at it and had to force myself to look elsewhere in his booth, particularly at his cross and road bikes. But still, just check out the cargo bike already. He won best city bike with it and I still can’t stop thinking about it. See for yourself below.


  • that’s the nicest bike trailer I’ve ever seen.  looks like it can pivot and roll with those two headsets in photo 56.  your photos really reveal how stuff works, especially on the odd bikes, great job.

  • Agreed, Ira’s bike/trailer combo was incredible, a work of mechanical art. It’s almost too pretty to use it to actually carry stuff. Almost…

    • I wanna see it with dried up kale and chard stuffed into the crevices. Maybe some broken eggs. That bike is the shit.

  • Jono Davis

    The finish on Steve Rex’s stainless steel track bike was so nice, almost pearlescent. Apparently the “chrome” lettering on the downtube was done by polishing the frame to a mirror finish, masking off the logo (along with the lugs, dropouts, and other shiny bits) and then media-blasting the frame.

  • Carson

    Minor, but I wanted to call it to your attention, this post is tagged as ‘2011 HAHBS’ so it doesn’t show up with your other 2012 content. Otherwise, great work as always!

  • Jonathan Jayne

    Many kudos to Ben from Trucker Racks and the guys at Tanner Goods for their contributions to the Ned Ludd bike! 

  • ruudster

    too funny on that ‘brake squeezer’. . .I on the other hand am in the background staring at the Robelledo speed-hub bike