2011 SxSW Recon: Trouble and Bass Showcase at Barcelona


2011 SxSW Recon: Trouble and Bass Showcase at Barcelona


Ever since 2006, I’ve been going to Trouble and Bass shows in Brooklyn and lemme tell ya, the guys have come a long way from packing it into Club Boogaloo on the South Side of Williamsburg. When people talk about music scenes blossoming, I can name a few bands but the label that’s blossomed before my eyes is T&B. From their early days of 4×4, dubstep and riddem beats, the guys have become a full-blown bass army. I caught up with them at this year’s SxSW Trouble and Bass showcase at Barcelona and tried to take as many photos as I could before the club got packed at 6pm.

Talk about a mind-melting experience. Walking out into the sun after spending three hours listening to bass-heavy music.

Check out more photos from the Trouble and Bass Showcase at Barcelona below.



It was a great time and as always, seeing Drop the Lime and AC Slater rattle the foundations of a club was a blast. We left before Deathface got to go on but everyone was stoked. See you guys soon! Check out a slideshow below.

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