Profile Fixed: Slotted Axles Now Available Dec 1, 2010

Profile announced today via their Twitter that the new fixed slotted axle conversion kits are now available. I dig their approach. Make a product that fits the current market and when it changes, switch the axle kit. Smart. That way, when companies make 14mm axles, they can do another axle kit. For around $50 you can change your hub axles. A lot better than buying a new hub every time the sport shifts. You don’t even have to build a new wheel!

Remember, Profile was the first BMX company to launch a fixed line. Support the OGs! Made in the USA and made to last. Now go to your LBS and order a pair of these axles!

  • Tyler Johnson

    I have been running this axle for a couple of months now. It is mega sturdy, and more importantly (well maybe not) it is super easy to make the switch. It took about 2 minutes to change from 3/8 to 14mm.

    Great work.

  • dan

    i just got a set laced up and was wondering if they were gonna make a kit like this. i figured they would just swap out the old with the new.