Geekhouse Bikes: Not Cool Indonesia, Not Cool Dec 7, 2010


Think that’s a Geekhouse? Think again! Geekhouse has been bootlegged by a crew of sheisty Indonesian frame manufacturers. I cannot stand seeing shit like this. Burn them!

Check out the full story over at the Geekhouse blog.

  • Welcome to Fame Town, population Geekhouse.

    This is a good thing.

    If piracy physical objects has given us anything, is that it will only make the “real deal” a better brand, and more popular.

    Take the shitty Chinese iPhone knock-offs for instance, they only make the real deal better. China wanted the product so bad, they were shipping it to us, and they did everything they could to get them back in their country as soon as possible. There are thousands of examples of this same thing happening.

    USA was founded on piracy. If I were Geekhouse, I would seriously consider to start to sell to Indo, and find some distributors. As per that fact that it’s blatantly apparent they have a market for it.

    The only way Geekhouse could loose is if they don’t expand to this new market.

  • codar

    that shit isn’t fair at all…they are theves and they should be punished. But i have one objection:), in the article the yugoslavia is mantioned in the bad context, and btw, yugoslavia is ex republic so read about it. You have fans in the former yugoslavia too and you should watch when you mention such a crap statement.
    I agree totally on the article and think that everyone shoud not encourage buying that shity bikes from forgerers like them and we must report any such activities in the future, and if you see someone rideing bikes like that just knock them down.

  • yuta


    can’t say much, but
    first of all (as an Indonesian rider), it happen all the time (not so proud of it)…
    second, making own frame at small scale, maybe we can say workshop level is quite common here…
    third, making decal and put in someone own bike is not a crime…
    fourth, it says “geekhouse wannabe”, not real geekhouse..
    fifth, it’s literally geekhouse that start of all this Indonesian fixed gear fever >>>!
    we look up at you work Man and your work is a popular model here…

    last, market for your product is ripe in Indonesia and sorry about the inconvinience…

    [email protected]

  • Tyler

    Altho i may agree with cbleslie only thing i can add is, fuccckkeedd. hope geekhouse can take this and run with it. guys, just dont drink anymore wine.(video posted with geekhouse blog.)

  • dmg

    That white bike is a real Geekhouse, as far as I can tell. The ‘ripoff’ bike is that generic blue bike with no Geekhouse stickers in the blog post (or here), and the only thing that in any way resembles the “copied bike” is that the fork is mismatched and the build has black rims and white tires. Anyone who would know what a Geekhouse is would know that that ain’t one.

  • rfqllv

    okay im ashamed to be indonesian

  • Nope. That’s a bootleg Geekhouse. Look at the track ends. I spoke with Greg and Marty about it. That bike is being sold as a “Geekhouse” in Indonesia and it was not made in Boston.

  • Moneyfire

    @cbleslie: Knocking off products can do far more harm to the creator of the original than it can help. The comparison of Geekhouse to Apple is inappropriate. Apple has far more interest as a brand in gaining market saturation for its goods, to wit more iPhones the better. However this is not the business model that small frame builders thrive on. Instead small builders look to creating brand loyalty with a customer base who appreciate the quality of the product and the individual attention to detail that a small shop can provide. To think about this personally: would you enjoy someone using your name in your industry and doing shitty work just because it got your name out there?
    @Yuta putting another brand name on a product when it is likely to cause confusion as to the maker of the product is a crime. Its classic trademark infringement which, although under-enforced, is illegal in Indonesia (as a member of the WTO Indonesia is a signatory of TRIPS, the international Intellectual Property agreement).

  • arie dyanto

    I think you guys should put the discussion on whose the ‘bootlegger’ not necessary mentioned about Indonesia asa a country, from my humble opinion you guys don’t understand the passion and the condition in Indonesia related to bike scene. We are in Indonesia appreciate other people innovation but if come to foreign brand most of the time we aren’t lucky to collect enough money to purchase a bike or frame set which equal 6 months local minimum salary. Please visit Indonesia and see by yourself, hopefully you will able to get some idea for what happened in the country.

  • Andy

    Sorry before, there was a misunderstanding here. Those frame in the pic are made by T.R. Bikes Singapore. This frame is not made by Indonesian. Indonesian also made frame like geekhouse, but they dont give “geekhouse” decals at their frame.