Bicycle Bungee: For You and Your Slow Friends Dec 15, 2010

God. I thought this was a joke, but it’s not!

  • chris

    …and away you go. i would hate to be dragging my girlfriend. id rather she just learned how to properly use her gears.

  • Kenny Sharber

    skitch??!?!!! they need to make one with a magnet on it haha

  • Patrick

    I love that they used the handlebars to attach it. That’s great for the steering…

  • Big Dummy

    How on earth is hooking a pull strap to one side of the handlebars a good idea? If anything, I’d wrap it around the head tube. Or use it for pulling my longboarding friends.

  • Big Dummy

    Wow. All of this can be yours for the low, low price of $298.

  • alex

    I can’t shake the feeling that this could be potentially devastating to someone.

  • Bianchi

    This is actually really common for multi-rider stage races (BCBR, Trans Rockies, etc). One racer gets blown, but the team time stops when the second rider finishes. Used to be a bike tube.

    I am a bit confused as to why it is being marketed to novices though as it does take a fair amount of awareness from the towed person.

  • Jimmy Mac

    LOL LOL New Zealand accent is the worst thing about this, and that’s saying something.

    It’s the cherry on top of that failure of a cake for SURE.

    (hope Australian humor of NZ translates)

  • bill

    Now I don’t know if I want this or a shake weight for Christmas.

  • Un fuckin believable.

  • Ian Wood

    Well I have one and it has been a great way to get the wife started while improving my strength and fitness. Easy to use and doesn’t affect the stearing at all. It has been great being able to ride together and has been a simple way to get her involved in cycling. Get yourself one and you won’t be disappointed!

  • Jimmy Can’tusegrammar

    Jimmy, try learning grammar such as “,” with “and”. The word “the” would be nice too. But yes, average product, steep price. But racism? That’s a bit far.

  • Just bought one of these for Christmas. Went to Europe for a biking trip and it made the trip far better for my Wife and i. Would like to point out it does absolutely nothing to the steering and i forgot it was there most of the time. Don’t criticize it until you try it! I hate to see something so good get so put down!