14 Bike Co: Double Trouble Mikey Oscar Dec 13, 2010

Ooooof! Gnarly crashes in this new edit from 14 Bike Co featuring Oscar. Just look at that face plant (:43 sec). I love watching Oscar ride, mostly because he rides fast!

  • aj austin

    nice! that wall launch was awesome

  • really diggin his style and trick choices! plus he’s killing it on 700c and pegless

  • dingus

    finally a kid going fast and riding a skate park well!

  • Bliss

    Big ups! Nice edit! Does anyone know the hip-hop track that plays?

  • hey
    the song is souls of mischeif and i think the name of the song is cab fare. wayyyyyyyyyy bak with that one. nice choice!

    keep doin what you do prolly