Vamos a la Playa Nov 16, 2010

It was the summer of the fixed gear rando.

“This is a journey of a group of seven fixed gear riders who decided to take the hard way from Stuttgart to Barcelona by bike. About 1500 Km of hills, countryside, nature, sea and a lot of fun. We left Stuttgart at 23th July and arrived in Barcelona at the 02nd August. The whole trip was documented by film and photo and here’s the trailer for the upcoming DVD and Photobook package.”

This one looks nice.

  • Rui

    Nice Pixies reference!

  • I’m just trying to figure out what’s tougher: 10 days fixed, unloaded, or 40+ days, loaded, with gears.
    I ride fixed every day but did my cross country on a touring bike. but it was 3000 miles.
    so, in conclusion, i have no idea.

  • I’m sure they did it one kind of hard way, and hats down for that.
    However, I’m not humble enough to not point out that there are seemingly harder ways too :-)
    I rode a fixed gear loaded, with different trailers at first, then only a rack and panniers, from Budapest to London this summer, excluding a couple of days of rest on the train, cca 1700 km in the saddle.
    Here’s an account of the trip with pictures and a short video:
    Most of the text is Hungarian…
    My gear ratio was 39/16 and 39/18.