Unknown Bike Co Nov 28, 2010


The Unknown Bike Company came out of nowhere. With most of their site still in Lorem Ipsum (no, not Cadence), there’s not a whole lot of information out there. All I know is there’s a pre-order up for a trick frame (above) that sports some hefty details: negative BB drop and clearance for 26″ x 2.3 or 700c x 50c. There’s even a fixed drivetrain available. Be on the look out for more information on Unknown Bike Co.

  • They’ve got true 14mm axled hubs coming out soon as well! ;)

  • Chousen One

    My man Vince Shim is on one of these he picked up in Seoul. Lovin it

  • vin-E

    The site should be completed in the next few days…. I guess the word got a little big ahead of us. 14mm hubs WOOOOO!

  • http://hellachunkyproductions.weebly.com/
    my friend Collin Mui is riding for them, i must say the make amazing products, huge clearance and light. Hes on a v1 right now, but the v2 is gonna be better, they also make nice components like the 48spline on my site, check it out if you want more pics of the frame