Prolly is not Probably Goes to Boston Nov 4, 2010


Pardon the quick photoshop work but I’ll be in Boston this weekend to meet up with Geekhouse, Icarus, Royal H, OPEN, Superb, Seven and hopefully Indy Fab. It’ll be a busy weekend but flag me down if you see me rolling around! I’ll have some stickers with me to hand out as well. See you in Bean Town!

  • Zach FF

    Maybe I’ll fly out to Boston and try to hunt you down just for a sticker. Those things are hard to come by.

  • Rui

    Make sure you rock a Yankees New Ero the whole time you’re up there and rep NYC!

  • Mike

    Did all the stickers get mailed out? I had forgot that I bought one before you just mentioned it.

  • TOM

    I didn’t it was possible to make an uglier logo than the viking one.