Miles Nov 10, 2010

David Lucas Vivalidini and Alex Angus rode their bikes from Grand Rapids to Mackinac Island. This 270-mile journey took the guys only two days. Now that’s some randonneuring. I would hate to have to wear a bag that whole time. You guys have balls.

Do watch the entire video, it’s shot beautifully!

  • ska

    mMM cool, but after min5 bags disappear O_o

  • doing the wrong thing.

  • mk3 jetta and fixed gears? my kind of people.

  • drop bars and hoods would have been nice, but i guess the intent was maximum toughness.

  • heady

    the average speed was about 26/27 miles per hour. ummmmmm. seems unreal.

  • alex angus

    Is unreal. Bad math. Actual was around 12mph.

  • usheen

    anyone else think that they both look unconfident at the start when doing little skids up to the traffic?

  • jeff bolt

    i wouldn’t judge their confidence based on a 10 second video clip. also hangovers make everything a bit more strange. alex can handle a bike very well, i have a lot of respect for the little guy.

  • Tim

    What kind of fixedgear video would it be without unnecessary skidding?