Michael Chacon: Gus Molina Kills Nov 11, 2010

Gus has B.B.F. = Big Boy Flow. Even in these quick clips, it’s easy to see why I love watching him ride!

  • Albert

    Why is it that there are fat fixed gear kids?
    You don’t see any fat riders in any other discipline.

  • TT

    Albert, you dont even believe what you just stated, obviously.

  • Fat Albert, there are a ton of big boys in all sports. Be nice or I’ll make you eat your parents.

  • Rick

    im not trying to start anything here, but why does it not surprise me that Chacon would still put his name in the title? He really has nothing to do with the clip other than the fact that he filmed it. Am i the only one that thinks he’s got the biggest ego in the sport? sorry, had to say it. regardless, Gus kills it.

  • allender

    prolly my respect for you just went up +10. best sp episode ever! fucking gingers…. i know i know

  • frogger

    +10000 rick, im glad someone said thaat, gus’s tuck no hander was rediculous

  • Carl NJ

    Ok skate park footage but what the he’ll is he wearing. Does Gus shop at KIDS GAP! His cloths are way to small for him. Have some pride in what you wear. Hipster/Emo cloths are for skinny people, he might have to wear sweats pants around.

  • aj austin

    there are a ton of “fat” bmx kids. or there use to be before all kids who couldnt play football started riding… down here there are big boys rippin’ it. chacon is young and trying to promote a blog, cut him a break. gus 4 life. fixed it gay. sucks dixs 5 lif. prolly is not buttsex. drink whiskey. poop into your own ass. #dubsteplistenin’northern/western/midwestfaggots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKjmCnFi1aI